Vaikunta Ekadasi,Vizhnyir Ekoratsya Vikhunh in Russia

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The present area comprising of Russia and the parts of the erstwhile USSR,from Afghanistan border to Arctic and from the black sea to border of China were Vedic.

I had written on,

Rig Veda composed in the Arctic,

Yagnyavalkya had his Ashram in Russia,

Krishna’s son Pradhyumna built the city of Port Barzhyn,

Russia was called Sthree Varsha,Kingdom of women and it was a Republic,

Caspian Sea was Kashyap Sagar,named after Sage Kasyapa,

Lake Baikal was Indra’s Vaikanasa Theeretha,

Narodnaya in Urals was Narada Mountain,

Om Ganeshya Namaha inscription,praising Lord Ganesha is found in Baku,Azharbaijn,

Vishnu idol found in Russia,

One can find River Moksha in USSR,

Seven Rivers,Saptha Sarovar are found in Russia,

The similarities between Sanskrit and Russian language,

….and more.

(You can find the articles mentioned above by searching Google with the search term +ramanan50)

Now one more to establish the presence of Sanatana Dharma in Russia.

That is the observance of Vaikunta Ekadasi,the vrat,the practice of fasting in Russia.

It was called ‘Vizhnyir Ekoratsya Vikunh’

In Russian orthodox Christianity, worship is conducted very much like in Vishnu temples. The Russians refer to the feast of Vizhnyir Ekoratsya Vikhunh, directly corresponding with Vaikhunda Ekhadasi. The Russian language also owes a lot to Sanskrit, whose origins 50,000 years ago roughly correspond with the language of the people of the Smritzyi archaeological site, along the banks of the now-dried up Vernstokhlin (Varnasatyakhalini) river system.”

Reference and citation.


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  1. Once upon a time, I think only Hinduism was prevalent on earth. People mistake it for a religion but actually, it’s just a way of life – a practice.


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