Uyghur Civilization Dravida Shiva Sanatana Dharma Connected?

I have written about ancient civilizations,which have been dismissed as myth not long ago.

Now ancient history is getting a new look,thanks to new findings in archaeology around the World and the availability of information worldwide,thanks to Internet.

People or Nations find it no longer easy to stem the flow of information.

Earlier history was written with a political agenda,be it the compilation of the Old Testament by Constantine,or the misinformation about Indian History.

Now it is difficult to misinform people and the research findings are for everyone to access.

The problem lies in the fact that the one who finds something new is unable to link the information found anywhere else because he may not be familiar about a fact,event,records of another culture.

For instance the sea floor anamoly in Newzealand was linked to the Great Flood mentioned in Tamil classics,thanks to the input provided to me by a Researcher in Oceanography in New zealand.

Thanks to him I was able to corroborate the fact that Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu can be dated 30,000 years back.

Similarly I could get valuable inputs from US on the presence of Sanatana Sharma in the Caribbean and the connection of Italy with Hinduism from a Researcher in Italy.

So even though information is available in the web,it needs some effort to link information available elsewhere.

Fortunately,two oldest Languages,Sanskrit and Tamil provide enough data.

Resources available around the world indicate the presence five ancient civilizations.

Uyghur Flag.Image.
Uyghur Flag.




Lemuria and

Rama Empire.

Of these I have touched upon Hyperborean civilization,written in detail about Lemuria being 230 Million years old,Rama Empire covering the world,Atlantis and Ramayana connection and Lemurians being the ancestors of Rama.

It is essential that one remembers that the landmass of ancient age was different from what it is today.

There was no Europe,Americas,Africa,Australia or Asia as we know of them now.

In this connection I have written on Rodina,Pangea,Lemuria,all being Super Continents.

There was another area lying in the periphery of Lemuria,the Home of Tamils.

It also had Tamil Culture.

The area was called MU.

The MU civilization was quite advanced and a document linking Tamils with MU people is reported to be in a room in Ekambareswara Temple,Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu.

This has been brought forth by Churchward in his research works.

There seems to have been an advanced civilization ,which we can point at some point NorthEast of Australia,going by the present map of the world.

This civilization extended towards the west encompassing the entire land mass,including what is now Africa,Atlantic and Americas.

On the northern side it seemed to have extended to Arctic through China,Russia.

(Remember all these events were before the Himalayas formed some forty million years ago.

And Shiva’s Marriage with Parvati took place after the fformation of Himalayas. ) 

At that point of time evolution seems to have taken place in this region and an advanced culture developed.

Then three Great Floods struck and people had to migrate.

Manu,the ancestor of Lord Ramayana moved north of Vindhya mountains and Manu’s son Ikshvaku founded the Surya balsa,The Solar Dynasty.

Some people were left behind and among them was Ila,daughter of Manu and she founded the Lunar Dynasty,Chandra Vamsa.

One curious information at this juncture is that Shiva worship seems to have been prevalent during this period and this period predates The,Vedic age.

One finds only an indirect reference to Shiva in the Vedas,in the Sri Rudram addressed to Rudra as ‘Nama Sivaaya cha,Sivadharaaya Cha’

Shiva seems to have left the area during the flood ,along with his son Ganesh towards the west traversing all the way to Arctic where The Rig Veda was composed.

One can find references to Shiva in The Middle east,Africa,Americas ,Europe and Russia.

I have written articles on these in detail.

After the Rig Veda was composed Shiva seems to have returned to India from the Arctic through Russia,Iran.

One can find references to Ganesha and Shiva in Azherbaijn as well.

This entry by Shiva was interpreted as Aryan Invasion.

Shiva’s other son Subrahmanya,called Murugan traveled towards the east.

Note the letter MU,the first letter of Murugan.

In classical Tamil the prefix of MU indicates very ancient.

Elders are called Moothoor,Old age as Mudhumai and Madurai was called as Madurai Moodhoor.

In the process of Shiva returning to India he passed through the area,which probably had a civilization or Shiva founded one.

It was the Uyghur Civilization.

I am providing excerpts from an article on Uyghur Civilization below and the Link.

I shall be writing more on Uyghur ,Dravidas,and Santana Sharma.

 Uyghur Empire was possibly the first, and unquestionably the largest, most important, and most powerful of all the colonial empires belonging to Mu. Colonization commenced just north of Burma more than 70,000 years ago.

The Uyghur Empire stretched its powerful arms from the Pacific Ocean across Central Asia and into Eastren Europe from the Caspian Sea on. This was before the British Isles became separated from the continent of Europe.

The southern boundary of the Uyghur Empire was along the northern boundaries of Cochin China, Burma, India, and Persia,and this was before the Himalayas and the other Asiatic mountains were raised.

Their northern boundary extended into Siberia, but how far there is no record to tell. Remains of their cities have been found in the southern parts of Siberia.

Legendary history states that the Uyghurs extended themselves all through the central parts of Europe. The Book of Manu, an ancient Hindu book, says: ” The Uyghurs had a settlement on the northern and eastern shores of the Caspian sea.”

They settled in northern Spain, northern France, and far down into the Balkan region. The late archeological discoveries in Moravia are Uyghur remains, and the evidences in which ethnologists have based their theories that man originated in Asia have been marks left by the advancing Uyghurs in Europe.

Chinese legend tells that the Uyghurs were at the height of their civilization about 17,000 years ago. This date agrees with geological phenomenon.

An ancient record in a monastery states: “The capital City of the Uyghurs with all its people was destroyed by a flood which extended throughout the eastern part of the Empire, destroying all and everything.” This ancient record is absolutely corroborated by geological phenomena.

 ancient record in a monastery states: “The capital City of the Uyghurs with all its people was destroyed by a flood which extended throughout the eastern part of the Empire, destroying all and everything.” This ancient record is absolutely corroborated by geological phenomena.

At the time the Uyghur Empire was at its peak, the mountain had not been raised and what is now the Gobi Desert (Teklimakan)was a rich well-watered plain. Here the capital city of the Uyghurs was situated, almost due south from Lake Baikal. In 1896 a party of explorers, upon information received in Tibet, visited the site of the ancient city of Khara Khota. They had been told that the Uyghur capital city lay under the ruins of Khara Khota. They dug through these ruins and then through a stratum of boulders,gravel and sand fifty feet in thickness, and finally came upon the ruins of the capital city.

The history of the Uyghurs is the history of the Aryan races, for all of the true Aryan races descended from Uyghur forefathers. The Uyghurs formed chains of settlements across the central parts of Europe back in Tertiary Times. After the Empire was destroyed by the great magnetic cataclysm and mountain rising, the surviving remnants of humanity or their descendants again formed settlements in Europe. This was during the Pleistocene Time. The slaves, Tautens, Celts, Irish,Bretons and Basques are all descended from Uyghur stock. The Bretons,Basques, and genuine Irish are the descendants of those who survived the magnetic cataclysm and mountain raising.

Some Chinese records, bearing a date of 500 B.C. Describe the Uyghurs as having been “light-haired, blue-eyed people.” ” The Uyghurs were all of a light complexion, milk-white skin, with varying color of eyes and hair. In the north blue eye and light hair predominated. In the south were found those with dark hair and dark eyes.”

The Uyghurs had reached a high state of civilization and culture.They knew astrology, mining, the textile industries,architecture, mathematics, agriculture, writing, reading, medicine, ect. They were experts in decorative art or silk, metals, and wood, and they made statues of gold, silver, bronze, and clay and this was before the history of Egypt commenced.

The history of Central Asia is the history of the Uyghurs. The Uyghur people are a distinct, vibrant cultural element of Central Asia. Whether you examine the role of Uyghur scholars in Genghis Khan’s court as administrators, peruse the artistic wonders of their architectural accomplishments involving the Buddhist, Christian or Islamic periods, or read translations of the numerous written works on medicine,history or just their humor, one cannot but realize the unique and vital contributions of the Uyghur people to history.[Jack Churchward]

Currently, the majority of the Uyghur people live under the rule of the Chinese government. I would be remiss were I not to mention that this centuries’ old culture is under attack. Uyghur language text books are banned from classrooms and book burnings have consumed thousands of books, just for being correct about history. [Jack Churchward]

In the late 1930s, Turkey’s Independence leader Ataturk promoted research on Mu and other lost continents, in the hope of establishing connections between the Turkish civilization and other ancient cultures, such as the Uyghur, Indian, Mayan, and Aztec.

I have written on the relationship between Tamils,Mayans and Aztecs.

And the Gobekli Tepe Temple was built by Brahmins.

Caspian sea was Kashyap Sagar.

River Danube was named after Chanukah,mother of Dhanavas.

Block Quote image and reference.

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  1. the story of agasthya stopping the vindhya mountains from growing further i feel implies that the actual vindhyas is the himalayas because its height surpasses all other mountain ranges on earth…..this means all land from the himalayas to kanyakumari is dravida…..kalhana’s rajatarangini mentions gujaratis as one of the pancha dravidas and fact is rajasthani,sindhi,old punjabi are variants of gujarati and all these areas are north of vindhyas [that is supposed to be in modern times in central india]


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