Ayodhya of Rama Center of Sumeria

I have written quite a few articles on Lord Rama and His Empire.

These were based on,

Astronomical data provided by Valmiki in Ramayana,

References found in world Religious Texts,Literature,Similarity of customs between the people of Rama Empire in Bharata Varsha and elsewhere,

References in Sumerian texts,Tablets, and

References in ancient Tamil literature.


I have also written on the presence of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world and the popping up of artifacts identified as belonging to Sanana Dharma;Idols of Hindu Gods.

There was an article of mine highlighting the Chapel of Lord Rama in Ur,Iraq( Sumer).

That set me in pursuit of more information on this front.

If Rama had conquered Kingdoms in Sumer,he should have defeated Sumer Kings and consequently ,Rama’s Capital Ayodhya should have become the Capital of the vanquished Sumerians.

Now evidence has come to light on this point.

Ayodhya was called Aguda by the Sumerians and they called this city as their capital .

This was,as they declared,at the center of Sumeria.

In this context,one has to examine the exploits of Parashurama,another Avatar of Rama,who existed during the time of Rama.

Parashurama is regarded as the one who killed Kshatriyas,as an act of vengeance for killing of his father Jamadagni by a King Karthaviryarjuna’s sons.

The import is that ,having been slighted by a Kshatriya,Parashurama decided to show that though Brahmins are soft by Nature and volition,they are not pushovers if the set their minds to.

So he fought Kings,especially the Heheya Kings,to which Karthaviryurjuna belonged.

This area was in the present Madhya Pradesh and Narmada valley and areas surrounding it.

Probable he crossed the Arabian Sea as well.

One may recall that he created land out of sea to carve out what is present Kerala State in India.

One may also recall that Parashurama settled down in South India and the Akkadian connection to Tamil.

*Kindly check my articles on Rama Empire,Ellu in Akkadian Empire,Rama Chapel in UR and follow related articles to know more.

‘With his bow he slew 64 times 10,000 Kshatriyas. In that slaughter were included 14,000 Brahmana-hating Kshatriyas of the Dantakura country. Of the Haihayas, he slew a 1000 with his short club, a 1000 with his sword, and a 1000 by hanging. Rama slew 10,000 Kshatriyas with his axe. He could not quietly bear the furious speeches uttered by those foes of his. And when many foremost of Brahmans uttered exclamations, mentioning the name of Rama of Bhrigu’s race, he proceeding against the Kashmiras, the Daradas, the Kuntis, the Kshudrakas, the Malavas, the Angas, the Vangas, the Kalingas, the Videhas, the Tamraliptakas, the Rakshovahas, the Vitahotras, the Trigartas, the Martikavatas, counting by thousand, slew them all by means of his whetted shafts. Proceeding from province to province, he thus slew thousands of scores of Haihaya-Kshatriyas. Creating a deluge of blood and filling many lakes also with blood and bringing all the 18 islands under his subjection, he performed a 100 sacrifices. (MBh 7,68)’

Lord Rama,after coronation ,established His Rule in Sumeria .

Reference and Citations.



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