Persia Origin Achaemenid Assyrian Akkadian To Tamils Vedic Tribes

A Tamil King ,Sibi,ruled from the NWFP where he had his second capital.

And Lord Rama was engaged in a battle with the Atlantis people in Seven River Valley,currently in Pakistan.

The Uighur people must beyond what Persia was ,were in close contact with thecRama Empire.

Sumerian civilization had Rama connection and Sumerian Kings List has Rama,Dasaratha and Bharatha.

The Yazdi people of Turkey were called the Peacock Tribe of Lord Murugan.

Ayodhya of Rama Center of Sumeria

The import is that ,having been slighted by a Kshatriya,Parashurama decided to show that though Brahmins are soft by Nature and volition,they are not pushovers if the set their minds to.

So he fought Kings,especially the Heheya Kings,to which Karthaviryurjuna belonged.

This area was in the Narmada valley and areas surrounding it.

Probable he crossed the Arabian Sea as well.

One may recall that he created land out of sea to carve out what is present Kerala State in India.

One may also recall that Parashurama settled down in South India and the Akkadian connection to Tamil.

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Angirasa Founder Pre Sumerian Civilization Akkadian Empire?

5.Akkadian’s( Forefathers of the Sumerians) Moon God was Naram Sin, Narasimha.*

6.There are repeated references in the Sumerian/Akkadian language to Meluuha.

7.Ancient Tamil Brahmi Scripts were found in Oman and Egypt.

These facts establish that,

The Tamils were an advanced civilisation by 2200 BC(Akkadian Empire)

The Hindu Gods and Goddesses were worshiped in Sumeria,

Names of Lord Rama and Bharata were found in the Kings List of Sumeria.’

Yavanacharya Pythagoras Studied Vedic Science in Egypt

Egypt had its origin in Sumerian civilization and Sumerian from the Sanatana dharma and Tamils.

I have posted an article that Lord Rama and Bharata’s names are found in the Kings List of Sumerians chronicling their Kings.

‘Not only Rama and Bharata, but the names of other Hindu Puranic figures find a place in the Kings List.

Indra,Pururavas,Dasaratha,Parashurama,Satyavrata,Iksvahu,Kakusha,Janaka,Vasishta, Janamejaya,Dushyanta(Father of Bharata,after whom India is named as Bharatavarsha),Rishis