Four Of The Saptha,Seven Rishis From South Of India

Of these,while, Bhrighu from Himachal Pradesh,Kutsa from near Uttar Pradesh,Vasishta from Indus valley,Atri,Kasyapa and Gautama and Angirasa are from the south of Vindhyas. It is also curious that the Bhargavas,those from Bhrighu Lineage, to which Parashurama,an Avatar of Vishnu,are sometimes treated as those from the south,with Parashurama establishing Goa and Kerala regions of today. Kasyapa is the earliest and his name means Turtle.

Ayodhya of Rama Center of Sumeria

The import is that ,having been slighted by a Kshatriya,Parashurama decided to show that though Brahmins are soft by Nature and volition,they are not pushovers if the set their minds to. So he fought Kings,especially the Heheya Kings,to which Karthaviryurjuna belonged. This area was in the Narmada valley and areas surrounding it. Probable he crossed the Arabian Sea as well. One may recall that he created land out of sea to carve out what is present Kerala State in India. One may also recall that Parashurama settled down in South India and the Akkadian connection to Tamil. *Kinly check my articles on Rama Empire,Ellu in Akkadian Empire.

Six South Brahmin Groups Settled by Parashurama From Narmada

Latest Tsunami after Mahabharata War resulted in Sage Agastya bringing 71 Families from there and settling them in the present Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These settlers in Tamil Nadu ruled the border areas of Karnataka, Coimbatore, Dharma puri, Salem and Erode areas as Velirs, small kingdoms under the three great kingdoms of Chera, Chola and Pandya.I have written on this. Another migration seems to have been there before Ramayana period and this seems to have been led by Bhargava Rama, popularly known as Parashurama.

Kalaripayattu Warfare By Shiva Developed by Parashurama Agastya

Parashurama and Sage Agastya were the founders of these Martial Arts. ' Parashurama and the saptarishi Agastya are regarded as the founders of kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in the world. Parashurama was a master in the art of weaponry, as taught to him by Shiva