Six South Brahmin Groups Settled by Parashurama From Narmada

I have observed in some of my articles that while we seem to have attempted to explore Indian civilization on the banks of Rivers , Sarasvathi, Ganga and Sindhu we are yet to explore the rivers mentioned repeatedly in the Vedas, Puranas and Ithihasas.

Parashurama .jpg
Bhargava Rama, called Parashurama .Avatar of Vishnu

Also the rivers mentioned by  regional classics.

The Rivers are.








  • ‘Gangesca yamuneschaiva Godavari Sarasvathi
  • Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannithim kuru,


There are Vaigai, Tamraparani in the present Tamil Nadu and there are references in Tamil classics about Pahruli, Nadu and Peru rivers.

The Vaigai is closely associated with Lord Shiva and the present Madurai is on the banks of Vaigai river.

Tamraparani river is in Thirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu and is associated with Sage Agastya and Shiva.

Pahruli and the other two rivers have submerged and their probable location is near Madagascar.

I am trying to attempt some of the civilizations on these river banks.

Narmada is a holy river in the western part of India and one finds Shiva more prominently.

And Dwaraka of Krishna was in the present Gujarat.

Hindu texts mention two migrations from this valley.

Both due to Tsunami.

Latest Tsunami after Mahabharata War resulted in Sage Agastya bringing 71 Families from there and settling them in the present Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

These settlers in Tamil Nadu ruled the border areas of Karnataka, Coimbatore, Dharma puri, Salem and Erode areas as Velirs, small kingdoms under the three great kingdoms of Chera, Chola and Pandya

.I have written on this.

Another migration seems to have been there before Ramayana period and this seems to have been led by Bhargava Rama, popularly known as Parashurama.

He shifted families from the Narmada Area to the south , to Kerala, Konkan coast Maharashtra and Goa.

Detailed post on this follows.

Parashurama, born a Brahmana took upon the responsibilities of a Kshtriya by waging war against Kshatriyas.

He settled the immigrant families from Narmada and settled them in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

These six groups of Brahmins settled by Parashurama are,

1. Anavil

2. Dravidulu.

3. BHumihar

4. Tyagi.

5. Chitpuvan and

6. Nambbodiris.

The practices of these Brahmins differ slightly from Vedic Brahmins.

‘Parashurama is worshipped as mūlapuruṣa, or male ancestral founder by some Anavil , Dravidulu, Bhumihar,Tyagi ,Chitpavan , Nambudiri Brahmin communities. Along with the sages Vyasa, Kripaand Drona’s son Ashwatthama, Parashurama is considered to be foremost among the rishis in the Kaliyuga.Parashurama will also become one of the saptarishi in the 8th Manvantara

This, coupled with the regions the were settled is a mine of History which I shall write in detail.


‘Reference and citations.

3 responses to “Six South Brahmin Groups Settled by Parashurama From Narmada”

  1. The story of PARASHURAMA is popular only in ancient TAMIL CLASSICS. Neither earlier kingdoms of North such as sunga/kanwa nor southern kingdoms like SATAVAHANA/KADAMBA make any reference to settlement of Brahmins from Narmada. all the earliest southern kingdoms from Kadambas/Gangas/Chalukyas trace their origin only from AYODHYA. Further Narmada had never as per archaeological evidences a Brahmin settlement. The TIRUVALANAGADU PLATES of Rajendra which specifically mentions all territories of India never refer Narmada as a base of Brahmins but specifies AYODHYA as a place where GOOD BRAHMINS live/Ilada/kashmira as places of Brahmin domicile.Further It was Lord Parasuram who introduced MARAKALA VELVI that is offering sacrifice of war otherwise known as BHARANI well mentioned in a number of SANGHA POEMS as done by Him in Sellur. Thus there had been everse migration from South to North during collapse of CHOLA/CHALUKYA hegemony. The term TAKU is itself derived from THAKURA meaning THAKAIYAR – FIT PERSON in Tamil. There are numerous Chola inscriptions of thirteenth century AD depicting flight of PATHINENBHOOMIYAR to Gangetic valley and settled there as BHUMIHAR BRAHMINS. They took PARASURAMA LEGEND. Please write articlde with the support of inscriptional evidences and not merely relying on Puranas whose date of compi8lation cannot go beyond VIJAYANAGAR PERIOD


    • .1. Please check with inscriptions in other languages in addition to Tamil.Aihole inscriptions and inscriptions from near Cuddapah speak of Puranic facts.inscriptions are one of the sources and they are cross checked with Puranas. I use Purana,Indian Classics,Foreign literature of corresponding periods, Astronomy, Etymology, sources from all languages,archaeology,Cultural similarity, tectonic movement, Infra red dating,and of course epigraphy. This may be noticed when one goes through all my articles,though I may not be quoting them in each article I write.
      2.Puranic information has been verified in all the cases I have come across. Dates of Ramayana,Mahabharata, Tamil Kings, Tsunamis…..So, I do not have any hesitation is relying on Purana unless proved they are incorrect.
      3.My blog is exploratory and as such I present facts as I come by. If authentic information is provided I shall publish them with source but never generalities.
      4.This blog is meant to explore the hidden suppressed History of India and it has no place for Linguistic or regional chauvinism.
      Please read all my articles and not a single article in isolation as our heritage is vast ad complex.Regards.


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