Chola Emblems Tiger Head Flower First Used Chitraratha Treta Yuga

The emblems of the Chera Chola and Pandyas.image

Ancient Tamil Kings used emblems in their reign. They had Bow, Tiger and Fish for Chera, Chola and Pandya respectively. These were used as Stamps in Coins and royal messages. Signet Rings also carried these. All these have their histories.

Cholas use Tiger and this was used first by the Chola King Chitraratha.

Cholavarman’s son was Rajakesarivarman and Rajakesarin’s son was Parakesarin (vv. 30 and 31).  These two names were used as titles alternately by the Chola kings in the order of their coronation (v. 32).  Parakesarin’s son was Chitraratha; his son was Chitrasva and his son, Chitradhanvan (v. 33).  It is stated that this last king Chitradhanvan brought into his dominions the river Kaverakanyaka, i.e., Kaveri, just as Bhagiratha brought into the earth Ganga, the river of the gods (v. 35).  In that family was born Suraguru entitled Mrityujit (v. 36).  In his family was born Chitraratha who bore the title Vyaghraketu after his banner on which was the figure of a tiger.  . 37.) In his race was born king Chitrartha called Vyaghraketu[28] from his banner-cloth bearing (the figure of) a tiger, who was a store of great heroism and who wore as an ornament on his head the flowers of the dhataki (Grislea Tomentosa). ‘

Flower Cholas wore on head was dhataki (Grislea Tomentosa). of the dhataki (Grislea Tomentosa). worn by Chola Kings.

‘இவற்றில் சோழர் அணிந்து கொள்ளும் பூ ‘ஆர்’. 

இந்த ஆர் என்னும் பூ ‘ஆத்திப் பூ’ என்பதில் கருத்து மாறுபாடு இல்லை.

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