Kings List Of Tamil Nadu From 400 BC

I had published a List of Indian Kings from the Date of Mahabharata to Chandra Gupta Maurya.

I here below provide a list of Kings of Tamil Nadu,Chera, Chola and Pandyas from the Mahabharata Times.

Tamil Kings were present during Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Lord Krishna attended theTamil Poets’Conclave-Tamil Sangam.

Please read my post  on this.

History is what one

English: Map showing the extent of the Chola e...
English: Map showing the extent of the Chola empire during Rajendra Chola I (c. 1030 CE) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

chooses to write.

The validation of History is by

1.Refernce to in contemporary literature.

2.Astronomical Data and

3.Reference by foreign records.

Tamil and Indian Kings list are validated by contemporary literature and astronomical data.

And Foreign records also refer to them if these foreign records are contemporary or after the Kings period.

One accusation against Indian History as told by Indian Puranas and literature is that not enough material is quoted by the Purana (though there are instances where they have quoted) of Foreign literature and Kings.

That is, Foreign literature does not quote Puranas/events mentioned by them.

My answer is that my grand father can not quote me.


Ancient Chera Kings (c. 400 BC – 397 AD)
  1. Udiyancheralatan
  2. Antuvancheral
  3. Imayavaramban Nedun-Cheralatan (56–115 AD)
  4. Cheran Chenkutuvan (from 115)
  5. Palyanai Sel-Kelu Kuttuvan (115–130)
  6. Poraiyan Kadungo (from 115)
  7. Kalankai-Kanni Narmudi Cheral (115–140)
  8. Vel-Kelu Kuttuvan (130–185)
  9. Selvak-Kadungo (131–155)
  10. Adukotpattu Cheralatan (140–178)
  11. Kuttuvan Irumporai (178–185)
  12. Tagadur Erinda Perumcheral (185–201)
  13. Yanaikat-sey Mantaran Cheral (201–241)
  14. Ilamcheral Irumporai (241–257)
  15. Perumkadungo (257–287)
  16. Ilamkadungo (287–317)
  17. Kanaikal Irumporai (367–397)
Kulashekhara Dynasty (1020–1314 AD)
  1. Kulashekhara Varman (800–820 AD), also called Kulashekhara Alwar
  2. Rajashekhara Varman (820–844 AD), also called Cheraman Perumal
  3. Sthanu ravi Varman (844–885 AD), contemporary of Aditya Chola
  4. Rama Varma Kulashekhara (885–917 AD)
  5. Goda Ravi Varma (917–944 AD)
  6. Indu Kotha Varma (944–962 AD)
  7. Bhaskara Ravi Varman I (962–1019 AD)
  8. Bhaskara Ravi Varman II (1019–1021 AD)
  9. Vira Kerala (1021–1028 AD)
  10. Rajasimha (1028–1043 AD)
  11. Bhaskara Ravi Varman III (1043–1082 AD)
  12. Rama Varman Kulashekhara (1090–1122 AD), also called Cheraman Perumal
  • Ravi Varman Kulashekhara (c. 1250–1314), last of the Cheras
Chola Dynasty (c. 301 BC – 1279 AD)
Sangam Cholas (c. 300 BC – 240 AD)
  • Ilamcetcenni (c. 301 BC)
  • Karikala Chola (c. 270 BC)
  • Nedunkilli (c. 150 AD)
  • Nalankilli (c. 150 AD)
  • Killivalavan (c. 200 AD)
  • Perunarkilli (c. 300 AD)
  • Kocengannan (c. 220 AD)
Chola Emperors (848–1279 AD)
  • Vijayalaya Chola (848–881), founder of the Chola Empire
  • Aditya (871–907)
  • Parantaka I (907–955)
  • Gandaraditya (950–957)
  • Arinjaya (956–957)
  • Parantaka Chola II (957–970)
  • Uttama Chola (973–985)
  • Rajaraja Chola I (985–1014), considered the greatest of all Cholas, expanded the Chola Empire overseas to Sri Lanka
  • Rajendra Chola I (1012–1044), expanded the Chola Empire overseas to South-East Asia
  • Rajadhiraja Chola I (1018–1054)
  • Rajendra Chola II (1051–1063)
  • Virarajendra Chola (1063–1070)
  • Athirajendra Chola (1067–1070)
  • Vikkrama Chola (1118–1135)
  • Kulotunga Chola II (1133–1150)
  • Rajaraja Chola II (1146–1163)
  • Rajadiraja Chola II (1163–1178)
  • Kulothunga Chola III (1178–1218)
  • Rajaraja Chola III (1216–1256)
  • Rajendra Chola III (1246–1279), last of the Cholas


Tamil Kings List


31 responses to “Kings List Of Tamil Nadu From 400 BC”

  1. Hi Mr. Ramanan, Am from Malaysia. My ancestors are said to have originated from Pudukottai with the family name Vaandayar. Is it possible that the Vaandayars served in the Pudukottai kings armies. Today most Vaandayars are from Tajaur. Is there any proof that this group of people called Vaandayars were in the armies of the Raja of Pudukottai. Where in Pudukottai was their location and where are their origins. I have rad that they originated from a place called Vandai in Thodainadu. Would appreciate your views.


    • Vandayars are a branch of Thevar community Kallar.They were warriors of Kings ,right from Rajajan.The present Pudukkottai was a part of Chola empire.Am unable to find a specific town where they originated from.Available information on their place of origin seems to be not authentic.
      It is highly probable that they were a part of Pudukkottai Kings’s army.


    • Thanks. Please check more articles on Tamiil an Tamils. One is staggered at the cultural development ofcTamils. More surprising articles to follow.


  2. really very informative sir…i want to know more about tamil kings…pls let me know any reference book also Tamil culture, medicine systems (about sidhhars), their education system…etc..


    • There are a lot of books. You may begin with the History of Tamils by PT Srinivasa Iyengar.You may refer to archeological sites in Tamil Nadu and the world for Tamil connection.You may find useful links in my articles. Please google tamil +ramanan50,tamils+ramanan50, and any specific query on Tamil. Tamil culture, Tamil sites +ramanan50.If you have any specific query you may send it to my mail id. I will try to answer and provide links. Regards


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