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Madurai Meenakshi’s Father Sarangadwaja Killed By Aswathama Mahabharata

Piercing the bodies of the elephants and steeds and men with sharp shafts, that foremost of smiters overthrew and deprived them of life. Cutting off with his own shafts the diverse weapons hurled at him by many foremost of foes, Pandya slew his enemies (8:19). He was slain by the Kaurava hero Ashwatthama (8:20,46) His name was mentioned as Sarangadhwaja.

Weapons List Of Mahabharata Podcast

One of the three Great weapons of Mass destruction, others being Brahmastra, Pasupatasta, Narayanstra would destroy anything and the only way to escape its wrath is to drop all the weapons and prostrate before it.

Was Lord Krishna an Irresponsible Father?

Can we wonder if Samba was a product of his father's neglect? For was not Krishna spending most of his time with Arjuna and the Pandavas and in the politics of Kuru-kshetra?

Two Tamil Empires In India Northwest, South India? Missing History

While Subrahmanya and Shiva merit only a limited mention in the Vedas, they are the principle Deities in the Dravida Desa.

And there was a Tamil Kingdom, Elamite, now the term has become corrupted to be Elam.

The Elamite people lived around the present Iran and spoke a Language which has been traced to Tamil.

And some tribes in Iran speak this language which resembles Tamil even today!

The Tamils were referred to as Dramila in Vedic texts..Is there a subtle message here?


Mahabharata Weapons User Manual Found Kerala

Rules of War,

Battle Formations,

Weapons of Mass Destruction,

List of Astras,

Brahmastra Invocation Mantra.

Now a manuscript containing the Mantra for the weapons used in the Mahabharata War has been found in Kerala.