History Content Secular Indians Are Worried About List

There is an uproar among the self-styled Secular Elite of India about th news of some changes that may be effected in Indian History Text Books.

Mind you, this is not even finalised.

Indian National Flag.jpeg
Indian National Flag.

These apologists for Secularism, which , in my opinion, is as cowardly as Non ALignment, are raising a uproar hollering that they would accept only facts as History and not historicised Legends-I can not understand this double peak, Can you?

What are they concerned about the facts that are untrue and fantasies?

Sanatana Dharma is the name of Hinduism.

It dates back to , at  least 5000 BC.

Vedas are the oldest literature available.

They teach for Humanity, not for a Group.

They do not advocate either Untouchability casteism.

That India is the country which never invaded other Countries.

Indian Sanatana Dharma was practiced in Burma, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,Fiji,Japan,New Zealand,Polynesian islands,Australia,Middle East, Turkey,Bulgaria, Rumania,Yugoslavia,Italy,Germany,Rome,Spain, Portugal,France,

England, Scandinavian Countries,Russia, China,Africa, North America, South America and Central America.

That Evidence has been found to support these facts.

That indian texts indicate their proficiency in Physics,Astrophysics ,Quantum Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, Calculus,Trignometry,Architecture, Music, Dance,Ship Building, Medicine,Cloning,Stem Cell Research,Para Psychology, Psychology, Sociology,Botany, Biology,Space Technology, Space Travel, metallurgy, Water Management,,Linguistics,Agriculture,…….

* please check my posts on these topics filed under Hinduism, Science, Astrophysics.

That Lord Ram and Krishna were not figments of imagination as Jesus is, but Historical figures whose existence  is authenticated.

That Ramayana and Mahabharata were not stories but facts, history.

Puranas are not non sense but a chronicle of Human evolution..

That Islam has destroyed temples, raped Indian women, plundered India,

That the present Muslims were forced to convert to Islam by sword,

That The Taj  Mahal was built ona Shiva Temple,

That Vikramaditya ruled the world,

That Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages and is the most suitable for even the modern computing,

That tamil, another ancient Indian Language is as old as Sanskrit,

That india was culturally One,

That there was no Aryan Invasion,

That there was no entry of Aryans through the Khyber Pass,

That Lord Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu migrated to North from the South,

That the British falsified History,

That Macaulay introduced english in India to divide the Indians and make them lose their respect for their Culture and Religion,

That the British committed the genocide of indians, some  one billion Indians.

That the British carted away indian artefacts,

That  Max Mueller was a Missionary and misinterpreted the Vedas,

That indians were converted to christianity and are being converted,

That Gandhi was not the only one who fought for Indian Independence,

That the role of Malaviya, Tilak,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel are suppressed,

That Nehru was instrumental in creating Jammu and Kashmir problem,

That Gandhi blackmailed the Government into granting Pakistan, with disproportionate assets,

That Indira Gandhi was a Russian Mole,….


And more….

All under the garb of Secularism.





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