Meaning Of Bharat India ‘ Where The Sun Delights Firstly’

JAMBHU DWEEPE BHARATHA VARSHE BHARATHA KANDE There is no sense in mentoring Bharata twice. While the first one refers to the landmass in Jambu Dweepa, Island of Jambhu trees, the Kande refers to the territory ruled by Emperor Bharata. Hinduism has never been the one to name places after personalities.

Bharatavarsha Is Not India

Russia was called Sthree varsha, Land of women ,ruled by women, Lake Baikal is Vaikanasa Theertha, Indra's city Amravathi was in Russia, Caspian sea is the Kashyap Sagar...... and there is another puzzle, In Sankalpa,which a Hindu recites, which points out where he is when he performs his duties (please read my article on this, Sankalpa, Geo-tagging), States, ' Aadhya Brahmanah, Dwdheeya Paraarthe, Swetha Varaha Kalpe, Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

History Content Secular Indians Are Worried About List

Puranas are not non sense but a chronicle of Human evolution.. That Islam has destroyed temples, raped Indian women, plundered India, That the present Muslims were forced to convert to Islam by sword, That The Taj Mahal was built ona Shiva Temple, That Vikramaditya ruled the world, That Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages and is the most suitable for even the modern computing, That tamil, another ancient Indian Language is as old as Sanskrit, That india was culturally One, That there was no Aryan Invasion, That there was no entry of Aryans through the Khyber Pass, That Lord Rama's ancestor Satyavrata Manu migrated to North from the South,

Stone Age India Information, Sites, Photos

Sometime back I saw a post in Tumblr about Hinduism 'This Shit has happened before' ridiculing Indian Philosophy and History. If there has a Shit and had happened there is nothing wrong in stating the facts, even if it is shit. Much before the Western Civilisation was even thought of India, under the Name of Bharat was in Existence as a highly developed Culture. I am attempting to present some facts and sites for those who are curious and especially for those who have been brain washed into believing that it was the West that gave India its Technology and civilised behaviour(?) For more,please read posts under India,Hinduism,Indian Philosophy and Astrophysics. The Stone Age the Stone Age in India begins with the Paleolithic (early Stone Age) and terminates after the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age). The Paleolithic dates back to the geological era of Middle Pleistocene. Paleolithic sites abound in Peninsular India, and are found more prominently at Pallavaram in Tamil Nadu, Hunsgi in Karnataka, Kuliana in Orissa, Didwana in Rajasthan, and Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh.