Meaning Of Bharat India ‘ Where The Sun Delights Firstly’

Treasures of Hinduism can be found in the Vedas, Puranas,Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Unfortunately many of us do not know Sanskrit.

Many assume that it is an arcane and difficult language.

This myth has been perpetrated to ensure we do not find our roots.

At least now we can try learning Sanskrit, bedrock of our Identity and Culture.

Most of the references to identify places, events in History this blog publishes is because of these treasures.

The Kishkinda and Sundara Kanda of Ramayana provides information about Historical refetences to Geographical locations and Indian presence around the world.

I have written on Nazca Lines of Peru, Cooke’s island,Americas and many more.

Be it history,philosophy,science or arts, you will find them in tgese texts.

Now to the point of the Name Bharat given to India.

It is assumed to be named after Bharata,First Emperor of Jambudweepa.

He was the son of Sakunthala and Dhushyanta and was tutored by Sage Viswamitra.

It is stated that the name Bharat is derived from the name of Emperor Bharata.

Somehow I was not really convinced by the explanation.

True Puranas, Ramayana , Mahabharatha and other texts refer to the landmass as Bharata.

Again there is a distinction.

Bharatavarsha and Bharata kanda.

Entire landmass was referred to as Bharatavarsha, while the Indian landmass was designated as Bharata Kanda.

Check Sankalpa by Brahmins.


There is no sense in mentoring Bharata twice.

While the first one refers to the landmass in Jambu Dweepa, Island of Jambhu trees, the Kande refers to the territory ruled by Emperor Bharata.

Hinduism has never been the one to name places after personalities.

All Concepts have their roots in Philosophy, Universal Facts, mostly relating to Astronomy.

Years in Hindu calendar denote qualities of the year in question, that is the general predictions for the year.

On checking up facts on the name of Bharata, I found that the name Bharata is from the attribute of the landmass India.

The landmass is the place which enjoys the first rays of the sun.

Even today we call the far eastern countries as land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

Read the refrence in Ramayana, Kishkinda Kanda.

‘ ‘उत्तरेण परिक्रम्य जंबू द्वीपम् दिवाकरः |
दृश्यो भवति भूयिष्ठम् शिखरम् तन् महोच्छ्रयम् || ४-४०-५९

59. divaakaraH = day-maker [Sun]; jambuu dviipam uttareNa parikramya = to Jambu Dwiipa, by north, on circling; mahat ucChrayam tat shikharam = zenithal, that, pinnacle; [praapya = on reaching];bhuuyiSTham dR^ishyaH bhavati = by far, discernable, he will be.

“The Sun is by far discernable in Jambu Dwiipa when he rises on this zenithal pinnacle Saumanasa, after he had circled the Jambu Dwiipa in a northerly route. [4-40-59]

The sunrises in the East on the peak of this Saumanasa which is on the zenith of Udaya Mountain. Then he traverses above Jambu Dwiipa, Indian Subcontinent, including South-East Asia, and sets in the West on the mountains called asta adri, ‘ the Sunset Mountain.’ Then he courses northerly on the other side of the globe via Mt. Meru in heavens at the other side of Jambu Dwiipa, only to rise again on this Mt. Sunrise. As Jambu Dwiipa, the subcontinent lies southerly to that heavenly Mt. Meru, and down East-South of Saumanasa, this subcontinent can happily see the First Sun, daily. This gives raise to the Indian name of India, that is Bhaarata, bhaa rataH Sun, delights…’ The place where the Sun delights firstly, that is bhaarata...’

Reference and citation.

Excellent site for rare information on Ramayan and Sanatana Dharma.

One response to “Meaning Of Bharat India ‘ Where The Sun Delights Firstly’”

  1. I greatly liked alternative narrative on why country was named Bharaat. Naming after one person was only narrative that I had heard before but somehow it was always a logical misfit. However, if you imply that naming city or a place after person was expression of vanity thus implying that our ancestors were not vain, I would have to refute that claim. Your statement is generally true but there are ample exceptions to this. There are many places but it would be not be possible to rule out possibility all together. There is a city named Karnavati that was capital city made by Karna after he was made King of that area Duryodhan.Many references state that the city is where Amdavad is today. Also, there is a river named Vishwamitri near Vadodara. Even name of Mumbai is after presiding deity Mumbadevi. Udaipur was named after King Uday, Jaipur. after Sawai Jai Singh and so on…. VikramGadh, Vijaynagar (after King VIjay of South India)


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