Bharatavarsha Is Not India

Recently I came across a research paper by a Russian researcher on the history of the world that it was Russia which gave  the Vedas, The Vimanas, Philosophy And the sciences to the world and not India.

I was not surprised.


The Vedas were composed in the Arctic,

Shiva with his son Ganesha left India through the western part of India, traveled through the western world before arriving at the Arctic to compose the Rig Veda .

He returned to India with His son through Russia,

Rig Vedic  Swasthik Mandala City is found in Arkaim, Russia,

Siberians worship Ayur Devatas,(many Hindus are not aware of these Devathas!)

Krishna’s son Pradhyumna founded the city of Port Baijn,

Russia was called Sthree varsha, Land of women ,ruled by women,

Lake Baikal is Vaikanasa Theertha,

Indra’s city Amravathi was in Russia,

Russian Veda is Santi Veda

Caspian sea is the Kashyap Sagar……

and there is another puzzle,

In Sankalpa,which a Hindu recites, which  points out where he is when he performs his duties (please read my article on this, Sankalpa, Geo-tagging),  States,

Aadhya Brahmanah,

Dwdheeya Paraarthe,

Swetha Varaha Kalpe,

Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

Astavikum Sathi tha me.

Kali Yuge,

Pradhame padhe.

Jambooth Dweepe,

Bharata Varshe,

Bharata Kande,


The point is it is already stated as Bharatha Varshe as a land mass .

then why the the term Bharatha kande, Bharata’s Continent to indicate India?

Hindu system of tagging is from the  Bigger to to smaller.

If Bharatha Kanda is India,Greater India , what is Bharat Varsha?

It should be a bigger landmass.

Evidence of super  continents like Pangea, Archea, Rodinia are proved by Geology .

The land mass was quite huge.

So the reference to Bharatavarsha is to a larger landmass than Bhartaha Kanda, the land of Bharatha, currently referred to as India.

Another pointer in this direction is that, it is tradition to say Bharatavarsha, irrespective of here one lives, even if he were to be  in the US, Australia or Europe.

The answer to the puzzle lies in the description of Bhu Mandala, The Earth.

Bhu Mandala, description of Earth. Hinduism
Bhu Mandala, description of Earth.

The region within the shell  is called the Brahmanda, or “Brahma egg.” It contains an earth disk or plane—called Bhu-mandala—that divides it into an upper, heavenly half and a subterranean half, filled with water.Bhu-mandala is divided into a series of geographic features, traditionally called dvipas, or “islands,” varshas, or “regions,” and oceans.

Earth , Bhu Mandala Projection.
Earth , Bhu Mandala Projection.

In the center of Bhu-mandala is the circular “island” of Jambudvipa, with nine varshasubdivisions. These include Bharata-varsha, which can be understood in one sense as India and in another as the total area inhabited by human beings. In the center of Jambudvipa stands the cone-shaped Sumeru Mountain, which represents the world axis and is surmounted by the city of Brahma, the universal creator.

We begin by discussing the interpretation of Bhu-mandala as a planisphere, or a polar-projection map of the Earth globe. This is the first model given by the Bhagavatam. A stereo-graphic projection is an ancient method of mapping points on the surface of a sphere to points on a plane. We can use this method to map a modern Earth globe onto a plane, and the resulting flat projection is called a planisphere

Projection of Earth
Projection of Earth

We can likewise view Bhu-mandala as a stereo-graphic projection of a globe

Inner Portion of Bhu Mandala
Inner Portion of Bhu Mandala

In India such globes exist. In the example shown here .

Greater India shown in BhuLoka.
Greater India shown in BhuLoka.

 the land area between the equator and the mountain arc is Bharata-varsha, corresponding to greater India. India is well represented, but apart from a few references to neighboring places, this globe does not give a realistic map of the Earth. Its purpose was astronomical, rather than geographical..”

Hence, considering these facts it is reasonable to postulate that the Bharatavarsha encompassed the world and indeed the present Russia was the cradle of Hinduism.

Bharatha Kanda was a part of Bharatavarsha, which included the present Russia.

And the home of people in the Bhu Loka was Bharatavarsha.

I  shall be writing on Jamboodweepa,astronomical projection of the world in Hinduism.

Reference and Citation.

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13 responses to “Bharatavarsha Is Not India”

  1. In the U.S.A. during sankalpa the varsha is Ramyaka , the Khanda is Ayindra khande, the dweepa is Krouncha. And Meroh paschime parswe.

    Bharatha varsha was earlier known as Ajanabha varsha which became Bharatha varsha named after Bharatha in the Nabhi, Rshabha deva lineage.


    • I shall be writing on dweepas and kandas shortly. The present article is based on research of the term Bharatavarsha.You may check my articles on Sankalpa US, UK.Regards.


  2. Remember reading Kanchi Paramacharya Sri Chandrasekara Saraswathi swamigal saying that Russia is Rishi ashramam and sage Yagnavalkya had conducted many researches in Russia. He had many yagna shalas there in Russia.


  3. Pretty new in the arena but an ardent believer of what u said. Would love to learn more from u. Enlighten me pls.


  4. Thus, asuras started adorning the body of a deceased with perfumes, garlands and ornaments

    Is it mention of egyptian pharos embalming the body ? You can answer the question on quora, there might be some folks who have an idea.


  5. When you say Bharatha Varsha its does not mean Russia, The continents were divided by SEA and the part where the Bharatha khanda is which is ruled by Bharath is situated in Bharatha Varsha which is ASIA. You should also look at rivers mentioned in Rigveda. all those rivers are still in India except Saraswathi which is dried up at the end of Kaliyuga.

    Dont confuse yourself with western scholars interpretations, we have enough data points in our Vedas;to prove everything.

    Ramas Birthdate, Occurance of Mahabharatha, When did Vyasa wrote Maha Bharatha.
    We have astronomical events recorded in our scriptures like Surya Siddhartha and Mahabharata, Ramayana.
    We have physical places to refer to Ramas vana vasa and kishkinda .
    Another fact is, INDIA is a subcontinent hugely populated for thousands of years because this is the land where human civilization flourished. Russia or any other land you take is not suitable for ancient people to flourish due to harsh climatical conditions.
    Why you read westerners theory on our Vedas? When Vedas themselves have so many data pointers, you can research it yourself an?
    See this is the reason AIT was imposed on us, saying Europeans made Vedas.


    • Thanks for your comments.Kindly read all my articles and it will be clear what I am arriving at for this blog is an exploratory one and I constantly update on coming across credible information. Kindly check my article on Rama’s Empire.Regards.


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