Thirty Gitas Of Hinduism

The term Gita, Sanskrit means,


गीता– a song, sacred song or poem, religious doctrines declared in metrical form by an inspired sage’

All of us aware of Srimad Bhagavd Gita.

Though I know some texts( I have written on some of them) which are called Gita, I have recently come across information that there are thirty Gitas!

The rate at which I come to know what I do not know about Hinduism is staggering.

Childishly I have started started writing on Hinduism.

I am certain that I would not even touch the periphery of Hinduism before my death.

Hope and pray that I may attempt to scratch its surface.

I propose writing on these Gitas in detail shortly.

Who Realize God? Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita quote.


  1. Uttara Gita Lord Krishna’s second discourse to Arjuna
  2. Anu Gita – Lord Krishna’s final message to Arjuna
  3. Uddhava Gita – Krishna’s last discourse to his disciple Uddhava.
  4. Devi Gita
  5. Asthavakra Gita
  6. Avadhoota Gita
  7. Rama Gita
  8. Vibhishana Gita
  9. Hanumad Gita
  10. Guru Geeta
  11. Siddha Gita
  12. Vidya Gita
  13. Yama Gita
  14. Ganesha Gita
  15. Agastya Gita
  16. Bharata Gita
  17. Bheeshma Gita
  18. Bhikshu Gita
  19. Brahma Gita
  20. Gopika Gita
  21. Hamsa Gita
  22. Rishabha Gita
  23. Rudra Gita
  24. Siva Gita
  25. Vyasa Gita, Vasistha Gita(Yoga Vasistha)
  26. Sanatkumara Gita
  27. Sanat Sujata Gita
  28. Rishabha Gita
  29. Sruti Gita
  30. Kapila Gita


Sanskrit Dictionary

5 thoughts on “Thirty Gitas Of Hinduism

  1. Love your posts, clarity of expression and thoroughness of citing references. May you be given all the strength and wisdom to continue writing for a long time!


  2. A friend of mine had submitted a thesis to obtain his Phd on the study of Gita. He gas listed 64 Gitas in it. I phoned him yesterday to confirm that before posting this


  3. Frankly speaking, I do not know how far I have to go even to reach the surface. Whereas You are trying to scratch the surface.




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