‘Sankalpam’, Text Meaning , Hindu Way Of Geotagging, Praying.

Every Hindu, while praying or performing a religious rite is reciting a Mantra.

This is done at the beginning after worshipping and getting the blessings of Lord Ganesha /Ganapathi.

Over a period of Time people have been doing  it by rote with out being aware of the meaning, thinking it is something mystical and at times ridiculing it as nonsense.

The Sankalpa or Clear Resolution is a scientifically devised mode to pinpoint a location in the Universe and the individual with reference to it( as there are many worlds existing simultaneously at the same time, which , incidentaly is confirmed by Quantum Theory) who is seeking the Blessings of The Lord.

Sankalpa is Clear resolution as Resolutions  are normally meant to be broken as in New Year Resolutions.

However, one is not expected to be flippant while seeking Guidance from The Almighty.

The Mind should be made up as to what we really want.

More often than not , at the time of Praying we get confused and vacillate what to ask for.

One should be clear.

Else ,one should make a general wish…

‘Sarve Janas Sukino Bhavantu’May All be Happy’

or slightly more specific

‘Sree Varchasvam Ayushyam Aarogyam Ma Vidhaa Chobhaa maanam Maheyante,

Dhaanyam Dhanam, Pasum, bahu Puthra Laabham ,

Satha Samvathsaram,


(May I Be granted (enveloped by)Wealth,Long Life,Health,Enough Food,Possessions, Good Children, 120 years of Life and Longevity _The Life , mentioned at first indicates the quality of Life,Second number of Years, and the third the years granted to a Man in this Kali Yuga)

When we want specific results, we need to be specific and  we are to indicate where we are from not- that God does not Know you- this is form of address one has to follow and it is organised systematically).

Thought have a way of influencing events(read my blog ‘Thoughts change Events Proved-Data)

The Full Sankalpa Text.

Aadhya Brahmanah,

Dwdheeya Paraarthe,

Swetha Varaha Kalpe,

Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

Astavikum Sathi tha me.

Kali Yuge,

Pradhame padhe.

Jambooth Dweepe,

Bharata Varshe,

Bharata Kande,


Dakshine parsve for those south of India) Sahapthe,





Shasti Savastharaanam,

Madhye …….(name of the year) nama samvathsare

Dakshinaayane /Uttarayane(movement of the SUN to Cancer to Capricorn),

…….(Name of the season among the six seasons), Ritau,

…..(Name of The Month),

…….pakshe(indicate the Waxing and Waning of the Moon)

Punya Thithou,

…..(mention the Day) ”Vaasara  Yukthaayaam

…mention the Nakshatra/Star Yukthaayaam.

Asmaakam Saha Kudumbaanaam,

Kshema, Dhairya,, Veerya, Vijaya, Ayur, Arogya, Aiswarya Naam,Dharma ,Artha, Kama, Moksha,

Chatur vith pala purushaartyartham,

..mention Gotra(your lineage ( there will be three in number-this is called ‘Pravaram- the details are posted separaetely)

..mention you christened Name”


Hindu Measurement of Time.

Upto ‘Pradhamme Paadhe’ reference is made to Time.

Next Space,Then it is followed by the Individual’s Identity.

What a Way of Time and Geo tagging!


Adhya Brahmanh-from the year of Brahma

Dweetheeya Paraarthe- second part of the Life of Brahma-Brahma has a Lifespan of 100 years, though not Man years-it is called Para;half of it is called Paraartha.

Swetha Varaha Kalpe, Vaivasvata Manvantare -in the Brahma Kalpa and in the manvantara of Vaivasvata Manu of the White Boar Kalpa.

This needs a detailed explanation.

Please refer Wiki and my blog Time-Cyclic Theory for further details.

However a short description from Wiki below.

Kalpa is a Sanskrit word (कल्प kalpa) meaning an aeon, or a relatively long period of time (by human calculation) in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology. The concept is first mentioned in the Mahabharata. The definition of a kalpa equalling 4.32 billion years is found in the Puranas (specifically Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana).

Manvantara , or age of a Manu , the Hindu progenitor of mankind, is an astronomical period of time measurement. Manvantara is a Sanskritsandhi, a combination of words manu and antara, manu-antara or manvantara, literally meaning the duration of a Manu, or his life span .

Each Manvantara is created and ruled by a specific Manu, who in turn is created by Brahma, the Creator himself. Manu creates the world, and all its species during that period of time, each Manvantara lasts the lifetime of a Manu, upon whose death, Brahma creates another Manu to continue the cycle of Creation or Shristi,Vishnu on his part takes a new Avatar, and also a new Indra and Saptarishis are appointed.

Eventually it takes 14 Manus and their respective Manvantaras to create a Kalpa, Aeon, or a ‘Day of Brahma’, according to the Hindu Time Cycles and also theVedic timeline. Thereafter, at the end of each Kalpa, there is a period – same as Kalpa – of dissolution or Pralaya , wherein the world (earth and all life forms, but not the entire universe itself) is destroyed and lies in a state of rest, which is called the, ‘Night of Brahma’.

After that the creator, Brahma starts his cycle of creation all over again, in an endless cycle of creation followed by Destruction for which Shiva, Hindu God of destruction, and also renewal, is invoked towards the end of each such cycle

Manvantara № Name of Manu for manvantara: Manvantara-avatara name:
01 Svayambhuva Manu Yajna
02 Svarocisha Manu Vibhu
03 Uttama Manu Satyasena
04 Tamasa Manu Hari
05 Raivata Manu Vaikuntha
06 Cakshusha Manu Ajita
07 Vaivasvata Manu (current) Vamana
08 Savarni Manu Sarvabhauma
09 Daksha-savarni Manu Rishabha
10 Brahma-savarni Manu Vishvaksena
11 Dharma-savarni Manu Dharmasetu
12 Rudra-savarni Manu Sudhama
13 Deva-savarni Manu Yogesvara
14 Indra-savarni Manu Brihadbhanu






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  1. This site help us to undersand sankalpam. I have created a blog for Sankalpam for puja with daily updates with variable inputs of year, ayanam, rithu, mase, pakshe, thithi, day nakshatra. The blog name is https://sankalpamforpuja.blogspot.com/

    Nithya Nathan


  2. Excellent writing and detailing. Many thanks. May god bless you.


  3. The Sankalpa or prayer to God is a spiritual way of informing the location in the Universe and the individual with reference to it the time, the desam, rishies, gotram, sect, to recall them and pray for the benefit of health,wealth,education and Kshema, Dhairya,, Veerya, Vijaya, Ayur, Arogya, Aiswarya Naam,Dharma ,Artha, Kama, Moksha, for all the Blessings of The Lord. Thanks to our fore fathers for keeping the tradition alive in the Universe.


  4. Very useful and rare information. Thank you Ramani ji


  5. Namaste !!!
    For a long time i was looking for it.


  6. Is Aryavarte missing in Sankalp ??


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    is providing.


  8. This gives an elaborate explanation about the Sankalpa covering the geotagging and praying. A very good information.


  9. Great posting .May God bless you


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