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Mahalaya Amavasya Amavasya Sankalpam Text With Seasons Thithis

Sankalpa,according to Hinduism,is Right Determination. Any act,auspicious or otherwise is to be preceded by Sankalpa. While Abhivadana Mantra is Geotagging the individual,Sankalpa is Event specific,where the Time of the occasion,location where it is performed is pinpointed. Year,Season,Month,Thithi(phases of the Moon),Nakshatra(Star),Day,the Gotra,the founder of the Family are mentioned. I am providing the Sankalpa for Amavasya . … Continue reading Mahalaya Amavasya Amavasya Sankalpam Text With Seasons Thithis

Sankalpa Details For UK Cities

My answer is that in the early days , going back to about Million years Sanatana Dharma was the only way of Life throughout the known Landmass. Please read my articles on Lemuria ,Tamils, Rig Veda composed in Arctic,Ramas Empire extended throughout the world,Dweepas. Chandragupta empire and more articles.

Prayer Resolution Auto Suggestion Sankalpa Suktam

One of the rare and little known Suktas of The Vedas , is the Sankalpa Suktam. Sankalpa means, Right Determination. The power of determination and auto suggestion play a vital part in ensuring the success of any endeavour. Though there are various factors determining the results of any action, the individual plays a vital part. The effort of the individual is not to be assailed by self-doubt or negative thoughts on the performance or the result that may accrue. The Dhruda or strong determination is required. If the Determination is Right favourable results will ensue. The Vedas have a Sukta devoted to this aspect, called Sankalpa Sutkam. It is traditionally recited before the beginning of any new endeavor, enterprise,Going to work and it is also recited on waking up and before going to bed.

‘Sankalpam’, Text Meaning , Hindu Way Of Geotagging, Praying.

Every Hindu, while praying or performing a religious rite is reciting a Mantra. This is done at the beginning after worshipping and getting the blessings of Lord Ganesha /Ganapathi. Over a period of Time people have been doing  it by rote with out being aware of the meaning, thinking it is something mystical and at times ridiculing … Continue reading ‘Sankalpam’, Text Meaning , Hindu Way Of Geotagging, Praying.