Sankalpa Details For UK Cities

I have been often asked how Sanatana Dharma spread throughout the world.

My answer is that in the early days , going back to about Million years  Sanatana Dharma was the only way of Life throughout the known Landmass.

Please read my articles on Lemuria ,Tamils, Rig Veda composed in Arctic,Ramas Empire extended throughout the world,Dweepas. Chandragupta empire and more articles.

Map of UK
United Kingdom Mao

The earth was described as  consisting of Seven Islands, Saptha Dweepas.

Seven ancient Islands of Earth.
Seven ancient Islands of Earth.

They are,

Jambuu Dweepa,

Plaksha Dweepa,

Saalmalii Dweepa,

Kusa Dweepa,

Krouncha Dweepa,

Saaka Dweepa and

Pushkara Dweepa.

Now landmass had changed, new political  Maps are in place.

And now many Indians live abroad and it is heartening to note that many still follow the karmas like Sandhyavandan,Tharpan,Sraddha and other religious practices ordained by the Sastras.

They have difficulty in reciting Sankalpam, right determination before any religious occasion.

I had written on Sankalpa in the US..

Now I am proving Sankalpa for UK.

Use appropriate Year,Season, Month, Thithi(waxing and waning of the Moon), Nakshatra(Star), the occasion for which the Sankalpa is made, y referring to Panchanga.

‘Shalmali dhweepe vinyaschitha paschima dhik bage samudra madyasthitha brihadharanya kshethre , …………..( name of the city) maanagare.


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5 thoughts on “Sankalpa Details For UK Cities

  1. Thanks, I was looking for it sometime. I recently moved into UK and was not sure about what to fill in for Sankalpa for UK. Can you please tell, what helped you to derive the name of Dweepa as Shaalmaali for UK. If you have any material on this, can you please share it. Om Namo Naarayana.


  2. Dear sir,
    I am a fan of your blog
    With due respect to your idea of sankalpam at various places. I think, sankalpam should be based upon the place of origin, rather than the place of domicile. How ever I may be wrong. I also suggest you read a book by a dignitary who had worked with HAL Mr. Narayanan on the subject of the origins of Aryans and their connection to Sankalpam.I could lend you the book.Kindly give me your address.
    Pardon me if I am wrong
    Warm Regards


    1. Thank you.ivhad thought about the issue before writing.Sankalpam is a tool for Geotagging. So where you are right now is the point.There have been migration of Brahmins through out the world, especially witin India. Some of us in the south might have originated from the north and many would have gone north from here. Still you will find that there are different sankalpas for areas beyond north, for Godavari belt , for Ganges belt, Narmada belt….so the practice is to do Sankalpam, apart from referring to Time ,has geographical reference to the place where you currently live.I am in Bangalore. You may msg me FB and I shall provide address.Regards.


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