Prayer Resolution Auto Suggestion Sankalpa Suktam

One of the rare and little known Suktas of The Vedas , is the Sankalpa Suktam.

Sankalpa means, Right Determination.

The power of determination and auto suggestion play a vital part in ensuring the success of any endeavour.

Though there are various factors determining the results of any action, the individual plays a vital part.

The effort of the individual is not to be assailed by self-doubt or negative thoughts on the performance or the result that may accrue.

The Dhruda or strong determination is required.

If the Determination is Right favourable results will ensue.

The Vedas have a Sukta devoted to this aspect, called Sankalpa Sutkam.

It is traditionally recited before the beginning of any new endeavor, enterprise,Going to work and it is also recited on waking up and before going to bed.

Sankalpa Suktam has Six stanzas, two lines each.

Scroll down for Video Recital of The Sankalpa Suktam


Yath Jaagratho Dhooramubaidi Daivam,

Thadhu Soopthasya ThadhaivedhiI

Dhooramgamam Jyothisheshamm Jyothirekam,

Thanme Manah, Siva SankalpamasthuII –1

The Reality, Ataman.embodiment of Light energy,which goes out while awake, goes inward while asleep.

That which is the Light of Lights,that can reach unimaginable distances, That which is One,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Yena Karmanyapaso Maneeshino ,

Yagnye Grunvandi Vidadeshu Dheerah!

Yatha Poorvam Yakshamantha Prajanaam,

Thanme manah Siva Sankalpamasthu-2

That by which the learned perform Karmas likes Apas,

That which is Prayed first by them,

That which is praised by them,

That which resides in everything,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Yath Pragnyanamutha Chethodrudhithichcha ,

Yagnyadhrantharam Amrutham PrajaasuI

Yasmaanarithe Kinchana Karma Kriyathe,

Thanme manah Siva Sankalpamasthu-3.

That Self which is Self Aware,

That which is the embodiment of Memory,Determination,

That which is in Life as Immortal,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Yenetham Bootham Bhuvanam,

Bhavishyath parikgruheetham Amtuthena SarvamI

Yena Yagnyasththaayathe Saptha Hotha,

Thanme manah Siva Sankalpamasthu-4.

ThroughThat World(where we perceive) is Gone,

What Is, What is yet to come,

That which is Immortal,

Through which  the Seven who perform the Yagnas,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Yasmin Richah Saama Yajujshumji,

Yasmin prathistithaRathaBhaavi vaarahI

Yasmin Chitaakmam Sarvamoodham PrajajaanaamI

Thanme manah Siva Sankalpamasthu-5.

To which are fixed to Rik, Yajur Sama,

As The radials are are linked to the Axis in a Chariot

Into which Consciousness Mind flows,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Suksharathiaswaniva Yanmanushyaan

Neneeyathebeesubir Vaajina eva  I

Hruthprathishtam Yathajiram Javishtam,

Thanme manah Siva Sankalpamasthu-6.

That which Like

A good charioteer  controls, directs the Horses,

which is resides permanently in the heart,

is ever youthful,swiftest,

May That Reality kindle my Mind to Right Determination.

Allusion to Sun God Surya is found here.

* This is also called the Siva Sankapla Suktam.

In explaining the text, I have followed the general meaning of Siva, Auspicious, rather than Lord Siva.

So there is bound to be differences in some other translations.

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