Three Gentlemen Or Three Idiots Of Dadri ?

And if you are a tinsel God, your word is the Bible, even if you have not touched the shadows of an educational institution. You can air your views that were a part of bed room talk between a husband and wife. I have ceased writing on these issues for quite some time as they are trivial , it seemed to me. But the recent non sensical discussion on Intolerance in India make me write for leaving these gentlemen's statements uncontested makes them bolder and as Goebbels dictum goes, the more audacious the lie, more likely that it will be believed. I read article in the Tamizhaka Arasiyal , a Tamil Political bi monthly from Chennai which answers most of the issues raised by Amir Khan on intolerance in India.

Marrried Men Women Are Brahmacharis

It is called Urthvarethas, Meaning that the semen flows upwards through the Chakras in the body to reach the Sahasrara in the head, This Celibacy is called Naishtika Brahmacharrya.(not allowing the semen to flow down) Bhishma is a Naishtika Brahmachari. He is the only Naishtika Brahmachari, apart from Hanuman. This is the reason, why Devavrataha, was called Bhishma, one who does the Impossible. In the case of the Grahasthas, so long as their object of physical interaction is to produce progeny without Lust, they are also rated high in the scheme of things. King Janaka is one such.

Beef Eating Allowed in The Vedas Mahabharata?

In this connection I received a mail as follows. 'I saw this post in FB. Though I do agree that lynching someone for suspecting eating of beef is quire unacceptable. But the quotes in the post, seems to take a distorted view of our scriptures. Would you pl enlighten on this topic ?' The mail detailed quotes from the Mahabharata and the Upanishads that people, even rishis wee eating beef ding the Sanatana dhama period. My view is that it looks that people were eating meat during the Vedic period. I have provided quotes which indicate meat-eating and those that prohibit it. The explanations trying to explain away beef eating seems to me laboured and lack conviction.

Godmen Prophets Not Approved by Vedas Smritis Hinduism

Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism is personal. It does not allow brokers between you and God,after all He is your father. You do not need a broker to talk to your father. Nor does Hinduism believe in Prophets. Vedas and Smritis do not approve of or condone these Godmen or Prophets.