Godmen Prophets Not Approved by Vedas Smritis Hinduism

Of late there has been a proliferation of godmen in Hinduism, offering salvation and performing miracles.

There are corporate Gurus, whose background is murky, who address world leaders, in the garb of Hinduism.

Their qualification is a few words of Hindu thoughts, some quotes and slick marketing.

There are Gurus for Yoga.

Yoga has become a school exercise!

Idiots like me imagine one has to follow Patanjali, who lays down strict code of conduct ad diet for yoga sadhana.

Today what one needs is a few mumbo-jumbo , basic lines in yoga and slick marketing.


Self styled godmen.jpg. Self styled godmen.

Please check my Posts on yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Hinduism does not approve of Prophets, Godmen.

Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism is personal.

It does not allow brokers between you and God,after all He is your father.

You do not need a broker to talk to your father.

Nor does Hinduism believe in Prophets.

Vedas and Smritis do not approve of or condone these Godmen or Prophets.

There is no concept of Prophet or Godmen in Hinduism.

One strives to realize Oneself.

Paths travelled by great men are shown.

They are only indicative.

Each Man/woman has to find His/Her salvation.

It is purely personal and determined by one’s disposition, Swabhava.

No one can convert any one , in the real sense ,against his swabhava, Nature.

Lord Krishna, in The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18, towards the close of the discourse to Arjuna, in the battle field of Mahabharata, says to Arjuna,

I have briefed you the secret of secrets, you decide what to follow, according to your nature, after analysing what is good for you’

This comes from Lord Krishna, an Avatar of Vishnu!

Arthur osbourne records thus on his discussion with Ramana Maharishi, the great Saint of this century.

When asked about his not accepting Sishyas , Disciples,Ramana Maharishi replied.

‘Who is a Guru and who is a Sishya?

All are Brahman.

and if you are hungry, only you should eat, not Me.

So search for reality on you’

  • Though the article has received acceptance, there have been some comments in Facebook communities and by way of personal omments to my mail ID, about me questioning the Guru system of Hinduism

What I have written here is about Godmen and Prophets, who have no place either in Sruthi and Smriti.

However the Guru systemws practised during the Veidc and subsequent periods to teach Vedas and guide individuals in the Dharmic path, with no intent on the part of the teacher to ern money.

And the concept of Guru, Acharya and Updhyaya are laid down.

Excerpt from my earlier Post.

Vedas have Chapters.

One who teaches these parts is called Upaadhyayaa.

He takes compensation for this service.

‘एकदेसम तु  वेदस्य वेदान्गान्यबी  वा पुन:: यूअध्यापथि वृथ्यर्थं  उपाध्याय: स  उच्च्यथे I’-Manu Smriti.

Whereas one who does Brahmopadesam at the time of Upanayana and follows up with Teaching of the vedas is Called Acharya.

Guru is one who seeks you out, if your yearning is sincere.

He knows your yearnings ,assesses your capacity and initiates you in the process that suits you, for individuals are unique ,so are the paths to Realization.

Guru is the Mentor while others are facilitators to study Veda

Guru Acharya Upadhyaya

If people believe in Godmen and at  later date they come to know that they have been misled, there is no point in blaming Hinduism as Hinduism, I repeat does not approve of Godmen and Prophets.

It may be of interest to note that even Lord Rama and Krishna were not worshiped in the same way we worship them today, during their time.

They were respected because of their actions, in the case of Krishna ,He was even abused!

Everyone was ( at least many were) engaged in following Dharma as enshrined in the Vedas and were attempting to realize self.



34 responses to “Godmen Prophets Not Approved by Vedas Smritis Hinduism”

  1. I’m not a Vedic scholar, so I can’t quote anything, but I’m happy to see Hinduism explained as the personal form of devotion that it is. For a religion that equally glorifies the pristine Parvati and the iconoclastic Kaali, it’s hard to believe that there are rules set in stone of whom to worship and whom not to.


  2. Dear Mr Ramanan,
    There is definitely a Divine purpose behind everything, everyone. Nothing can come into existence without His Will. I am sure you agree with me that there as many Maargaas of salvation as the number of souls. Dnyaana, Karma, Bhakti and Karma are, simply speaking, broad classifications.
    That is the beauty of this creation.
    Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti.
    Vedas give more importance to Guru than God. Our mantras say – Gurur Brahma, Vishnu….Maheshwara.., Matru Devobhava, Pitru Devobhava.
    The interpretation you have chosen may definitely be suitable for you. And in all ages, there have been people like you, who criticized the saints, Naath-panthi’s, Guru’s, Avataars during the age they lived in.
    “So called’ intellectuals/literaries and strict ritualists/disciplinarians have always been the first ones to criticize. All this is necessary too. It will may a few people think deeper, analyze their beliefs/faith and eventually help them progress spiritually.
    Once again you will agree with me that Parabrahman/God is beyond logic/intellect/Vedas.
    I humbly suggest that you do not fall into the trap of judging people’s faith AND/OR communicating who are Godmen/Prophets/Gurus etc, which is all a part of Parabrahman’s divine plan. People whom you are calling Godmen, Gurus are helping lakhs of people through their activities and samsthana’s, especially in today’s Kaliyuga.
    Who are we to judge what is right and who are needed in HIS Creation??
    Why don’t you only suggest “what works better for you now”, so that like-minded people can benefit instead of declaring who are Godmen/prophets/Gurus… or how people should attain salvation??
    Kindly note – I am not criticizing you at all. This is just a humble suggestion. You will ultimately do what you think are qualified to do or Bhagavan wishes you to do.
    By the way Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev is supposed to be rebirth of a great Yogi Sribrahma (Samadhi in Trichy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyMTWxI1bm8
    Sri Sri Ravishankar is supposed to be re-incarnation of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi.
    I believe in my own experiences and belief. You need not believe all this. This is just FYI…
    If I have failed in communicating my belief, samskaras or my understanding of Sanatana Dharma, it is Bhagavan’s wish.
    Humble regards…


    • What i meaning here of Brahman, in this case?? If we seek the physical reference of a guru, which is realtive, so it’s in contrast to what brahman stands for. “So Hum” does it signifies, any relative ? “Trikal Badhitah Yat tat Satyam”, again is there any relative? No!!
      It actually shattered my conception to seek a relative solace, as raman maharshi said, and suggested, Enquiry be the path, so we must should enquire within.


    • Don’t understand why Ramdev is listed?
      He he has stuck to tradition, he flows Patanjalai, Hathayoga pradipika etc. He has even punlically said that is no swami.. Indians are.notorius for beatowing titles on ppl without respecting their wishes.

      He is a good guru as he balances bring benefits of Yoga to common person without compromising tradtion and teaches Yoga sutras.and other shaastras to those who wa t to become Yoga acaheyas. Insisitng every person be thorough with Patanjali is as silly as expecting every patient to read books that doctors need to read.



    As rightly highlighted by Ramani Sir in this scholarly blog, the importance of Guru is until the disciple gets to know his chosen path in this life and The Guru should there after remain in the background and help in reshaping a person’s destiny. Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Ramana Maharishi can be examples for this.

    I fully agree with Ramani Sir in concluding that Many Godmen prophets are better only in MARKETING HALF BAKED IDEAS AND PRINCIPLES. They are more a danger to sanaatana Dharma by projecting themselves or their duplicated / copied half truths with some fancy names / tags for commercial purposes. Just berating the author Ramani Sir because of being offended by his principled thoughts is not good for a true seeker of Knowledge particularly Vedas and Smrithis (Smartha is a true believer of Smrithis).

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    • That includes you also my dear… You are also doing marketing… and that too marketing of fake knowledge… 🙂 And you want to sling mud at anyone who go the extra mile to reachout to people?. What gives you the right to sling mud at anybody for that matter? Why don’t you sling mud at Adi Shankara or even Jiddu Krishnamurti or Ramana Maharishi for that matter? If you say, it is because of marketing, then Adishankara did the best of marketing – he established mutts at so many places. If you say it does not apply to those who follow a lineage or institution, again it is inappropriate because they also belong to the Shankaracharya traditions.


  4. I am a regular reader of your blog. Your comments on Sri Sri and Swamy Ramdev is not in good taste. An ounce of practice is better than pound of preaching. Swamy Ramdev by his continuous efforts brought Yogasanas and Pranayama to the reach of common man. Sri Sri Guruji brought paradigm shift in the mindsets of younger generation who are well educated. These youngsters now started understanding our culture ,religion and now respecting it . These masters never claimed that they are prophets. We need more such Karmayogis .Please don’t comment before checking the facts.

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    • Nobody is yet to reply on the fact that Vedas and smritis do not sanction Godmen and Prophets.That has been the object of this Post.Please read the concluding paragraph of the post on Guru and the definiton of Guru, Acharaya and Upadhyaya.If some want to believe in Godmen etc it is their choice. If at a later dater it is found that they have their own foibles, the onus must not be attributed to Hinduism.

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    • Nobody here is challenging that ‘Vedas and Smritis do not sanction Godmen and Prophets’ per say. However your understanding of the statement is wrong – mainly because of the following reasons
      1. You are equating Godmen with Guru (If not, then jump to point 2). Godmen is a term coined by media and your blog is currently parroting the media without a solid basis. Guru is as you said a mentor and brings to horse to the lake and maybe even make provisions for the horse to taste the water. He does not make the horse drink the water. If the horse wants to act like a bull, its his choice. The media can turn the tables any time.
      2. Your writing in this blog is called ‘Godmenism’ – trying to claim that ‘I know this is right and this is the only thing which is right’. And if you are saying that Godmen and Guru are different then also your claim that above are Godmen is wrong. They are definitely Gurus. It is not for any reasons that the Kirita of the lord at Dwaraka and Kirita of the Lord at Jagganath Puri was adonrned on Sri Sri. It is not without reason that there are huge number of people who do his courses and respect him for his service to humanity. Even Atheists like Kamal Hassan recently visited him. Do his course, follow it for 48 days and then say what you want to say.
      3. You may tend to think that you went and met Sri Sri, but it may just be the opposite… The Divine would have facilitated all the situations for you to go and meet him. There are millions who have not yet seen him, leave alone met him.
      4. No third person comes between you and the Atman to help self realization – however again the understanding portrayed in this blog is wrong. The own ego comes in between the Atman and the intellect blocking all progress to self realization. It says ‘I am correct and I am not you’ creating a fake existence of duality. That is the real Bull and taming that Bull is real Jallikattu. Folklore and sculptures are created around it to depict this knowledge.
      5. As a Smartha bramhin, I can say that Sudarshana Kriya is the most perfect form of Pranayama to calm the mind and take you to meditation. i.e. to take the horse to the water. Without doing the course and without following the Sadhana for 48 days, you are saying I know it all – this is foolishness and for arguments sake you are putting all Smarthas to shame. Lot of pranayamas are lost in the passage of time. The traditional type of pranayamas taught during upanayanam were the only ones which were remaining. Sri Sri has revived the best among these.
      6. And last, like Mr Gopalkrishna says above, your blog is in bad taste. And you are mudslinging at the lineage of the Shankaracharya.
      7. Can you read today’s newspaper daily.. tomorrow, day after, and then again day after and so on… year on year? It goes into the bin almost the next day itself isn’t it? But that does not happen with blogs. Blogs are read repeatedly again and again by different people and even same people sometime. If it is uplifting someone, blogs are good. If you are slinging mud at someone because the bull in you says so, it is a crime to the public intellect and creating bad memories. Please drop the ego and remove it.

      Let me share a story on this.
      There was this poor bramhin who used to walk a long distance to feed his family. He wanted to live life following the steps taught by his forefathers. On the way, he used to waste a lot of time looking at buffaloes resting in the mud pond with mud all over its body. And he used to think and worry that these buffaloes are dirty and no one must drink the buffaloes milk. He went about saying this to all villagers. The buffaloes were owned by rich farmers and were worried that it affects their business. A wise man observed this and know that the muddy waters help the buffaloes to provide relief in various ways. So he gave this guy the task of washing the buffaloes on a daily basis so that he earns from the farmers as well as gets to keep his ego to keep the buffaloes clean. Years passed by and an enlightened master comes by. Now rich, the bramhin wanted to boast about his knowledge and the service he is doing. And asks the master about why the buffaloes play in the mud and get dirty. The enlightened master asked the the buffaloes to recite the Bhagvadgita and showed that whatever is there is Krishna only. The purpose of the Buffaloes was to bring the knowledge to him. In fact, they were giving a service to the Bramhin so that he earns as well as bring him to the master. The latter part actually happenned in case of Sant Gnaneshwar’s time. The Bramhin accepted the knowledge and appreciated the patience of the wise man who gave him the task of cleaning the buffaloes.

      Like that appreciate the circumstances which took you to meet Sri Sri instead of mudslinging at him.


    • Shall write shortly.Majot point is that one has to realize Brahman, Reality by one’ s efforts.Lord krishna says so in the Gita.’There is none dear to one than Atma nor an enemy as powerful Even a traditional Guru cn only suggest you ways and a Guru who is Relized Soul can lead you to the goal.Realizing Brhmn can not be done by ttending seminar or course.The effort nd Vairgya hs to be there and it takes years of Sadhana with stringent rules to follow.Regds


      • TRUTH IS A PATHLESS WORLD ! IT HAS TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY ONESELF ULTIMATELY despite a plethora of Guides calling as your Gurus helping you in various stages of your progress.


  5. And what makes you think they are Godmen or prophets? Just because you think that only you have the logic in the world to understand Vedas? Did you ever think that you may be confused between those who are respected v/s followed? Just remember that positive blogs uplifts people, while negative blogs are cancers in society. If there is a doubt, do the Art Of Living Happiness course and then talk. If you think you are Smartha, then you have a responsibility here.

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    • My post is about Godmen.Prophets having no sanction in Hinduism..As to the rest of your comment, the answer is in my Post.For Your information I have met Ravishankar also and am aware of the Course details.Regds


      • You having met Sri Sri has no value because you would be judging from your intellect. Do the AOL course and then reply. For me, Sri Sri is Adi Shankara and Adi Shankara is Sri Sri. If you have any further doubt, write to me after doing the AOL course. You have a specific responsibility as a Smartha.

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      • Whose glory are you singing by writing the article?
        If you cannot see god in the person next to you, Krishna is far away. Krishna says, I am in every atom. And if you don’t understand it, then you don’t know the Vedas and that you are trying to elaborate Vedas to a crowd of people reading your blogs. All you are trying to do is become a Godman yourself. Bhagvadgita and Bhagvatams are not the only texts which sing the glory of the lord. Try some verses from the Yoga Vasishta also. Did you know that Yogavasishta was the only text which was available before Krishna. In every avatar of Vishnu, there was a Gita. What knowledge are you talking about. I don’t see any glory in your writings.

        Like someone said below, go and become a diamond. Currently you are deep inside muddy waters.

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  6. Your artical is a perfect example for the saying dimond will shine more when polished. The true nature of good people are know when you doubt.

    It is good to know completely about a person before commenting.If one can see God within can see God in this whole creation.
    This is the irony of human , if some one is doing good , instead of appreciating that people comment nagetively. When wise people are alive people discourage & comment negitevely and same people will worship those wise people when they leave human body.
    It happens to every one when PRANA( life force energy) level is low.
    Pls check your Prana level especially when you want to comment nagetively on any person or any thing in this creation for that matter.
    Good thing is to undergo the programs which are conducted by the people whome you have commented .
    Sarvajana sukinobhavantu
    Let SANATHANA DHARMA prevail again ….

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  7. I think you need to elaborate and justify with better content. Please try to have better understanding definition of “prophet”. And whom you quoting and how they r related to godmen. What’s their in smriti or not.

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