Saudi Arabia Vedic, Vikramaditya’s Kingdom

Many lands and its people have forgotten their History.


Most of the histories of the Ancient Civilizations were either destroyed or doctored by the British to suit their Political aspirations and for the spreading


of Christianity

Empire of Vikramadhitya. Image
Vikramadhitya Empire

Starting from Africa,, Vikings.Pagans, Romans, Polynesian Islands, you would find that the ancient history of these people are either lost or at best very hazy.


Muslims did not lag behind in this quest for colonization and zeal to spread their Religion, Islam.


Recently I found that the traces of the ancient Religion of the Africans have been erased and you would find absolutely no information on their Religion


excepting about Christianity and Islam.


What little is known of the Great African Religion is doctored and is subject to some derogatory terms under the guise of describing it by


“Syncretization” and the like.


I posted an article on this.


Now it seems that Saudi Arabia is also on this list.


Nothing seems to be there that was before the advent of Islam.


Arabs are described even today as uncouth, use flowery language,indecisive and are generally unreliable.


As if to compensate this patronizingly it is stated that they are very hospitable. that’s all.


Please read any book that has a Middle East Character,including the much acclaimed ‘Oh!Jerusalem


People of Saudi Arabia seem to know nothing about their History sans the ones  relating to Islam or during the Crusades!


They have taken to the description of their ancestors having been labelled a Nomads!


I have read some information on this subject and am sharing it here.


Seems to me that this tallies with the kingdoms and Land Mass describe din Hindu Purans.


Arabia is an abbreviation. The original word even today is Arbasthan. It originates in Arvasthan. As observed earlier Sanskrit “V” changes into “B”. Arva in Sanskrit means a horse. Arvasthan signifies a land of horses, and as we all know Arabia is famous for its horses.

In the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. a wave of effecting a complete break with the past spread over West Asia. All links with the past were broken, images smashed, scriptures destroyed, education discontinued and the entire West Asian region took a plunge in abysmal ignorance which lasted for centuries thereafter and perhaps persists to a certain extent even today because if in the whole world modern scientific and educational developments find stubborn and entrenched resistance anywhere it is in the West Asian countries. It is said that the late Saudi Arabia ruler could not permit a radio broadcasting station opened in his own capital because of opposition from his Maulavis. He then resorted to a stratagem. Once while he had his council of Maulavis in attendance he had a radio set switched on to a program of Koranic recitation broadcast from a small transmitting station set up earlier without much ado. The Maulavis were delighted, so goes the report, to hear the word of Allah coming to them as if from nowhere. The king told them that what objections could they have to a mechanism which broadcast the word of Allah. The Maulavis agreed and the small radio broadcasting project was at last ratified.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica and Séance Islamia the Arabs are ignorant of their own history of the pre-Muslim era. By a strange euphemism they call it a period of ignorance and darkness. Probably no other country in the world has deliberately written off a 2,500 year period of their own history by systematically stamping out and snapping all links with the past. They have wiped the memories of preMuslim era off their minds. So while they chose to remain ignorant of their past ironically enough it is they who dub the pre-Muslim era as a period of ignorance.

Fortunately we can still trace the history of that preIslamic Arabia. It is a well known adage that there is no such thing as foolproof destruction of all evidence. The pre-Islamic history of Arabia is the story of Indian Kshatriyas over that land, with the people following the Vedic way of life.

In our attempt to reconstruct the story of pre-Islamic Arabia we begin with the name of the country itself. As explained earlier the name is fully Sanskrit. Its central pilgrim centre, Mecca is also a Sanskrit name. Makha in Sanskrit signifies a sacrificial fire. Since Vedic fire worship was prevalent all over West Asia in pre-Islamic days Makha signifies the place which had an important shrine of fire worship.

Coinciding with the annual pilgrimage of huge bazaar used to spring up in Makha i.e. Mecca since times immemorial. The annual pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca is not at all an innovation but a continuation of the ancient pilgrimage. This fact is mentioned in encyclopedias.


Evidence is now available that the whole of Arabia was part of the great Indian King Vikramaditya’s vast empire. The extent of Vikramaditya’s empire is one of the main reasons for his world wide fame. Incidentally this also explains many intriguing features about Arabia. It could be that Vikramaditya himself had this peninsula named Arvasthan if he was the first Indian monarch to capture it and bring it under his sway.

The second intriguing aspect is the existence of a Shivalinga or the Mahadeva emblem in the Kaaba shrine in Mecca. Before going into further details about the ancient Vedic rituals and names still clinging to Muslim worship at Mecca we shall see what evidence we have about Arabia having formed part of Vikramaditya’s dominions.


In Istanbul in Turkey, there is a famous library called Makteb-e-Sultania which is reputed to have the largest collection of ancient West Asian literature. In the Arabic Section of that library is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. That anthology was compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim.

The ‘pages’ of that volume are made of HAREER – a kind of silk used for writing on. Each page has a decorative gilded border. It may be recalled that gilding pages of sacred books is an ancient custom associated with old Sanskrit scriptures found in Java and other places. The anthology itself is known as SAYAR-UL-OKUL. It is divided into three parts, the first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets. The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after Prophet Mohammad up to the end of Banee- Ummayya dynasty. The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalifa Harun-al-Rashid’s times. Incidentally “Banee” means “Vanee” and Ummayya as in Krishnayya are Sanskrit names.

Abu Amir Abdul Asamai, a distinguished Arabian bard who was the Poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid’s court has compiled and edited the anthology.

The first modern edition of Sayar-ul-Okul anthology was printed and published in Berlin in A.D. 1864. A subsequent edition was published in Beirut in A.D. 1932. This work is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment forms in ancient Arabia. The book also contains an elaborate description of the ancient Mecca shrine, the town and the annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held there every year. This should convince readers that the annual Haj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is only a continuation of the old fair and not a new practice.

But the OKAJ fair was far from a carnival. It provided a forum for the elite and learned to discuss the social, religious, political, literary and other aspects of the Vedic culture then pervading Arabia. Sayar-ul-Okul asserts that the conclusions reached at those discussions were widely respected throughout Arabia. Mecca, therefore, followed the Varanasi tradition of providing a seat for important discussions among the learned while the masses congregated there for spiritual bliss. The principal shrines at both Varanasi in India and at Mecca in Arvasthan were Shiva temples. Even to this day the central object of veneration at both Mecca and Varanasi continues to be the ancient Mahadeva emblems. It is the Shankara stone which Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba.


A few miles away from Mecca is a big signboard which forbids entry to any non-Muslim in the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Shrine was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object obviously was to prevent its recapture.

As the pilgrim proceeds towards Mecca he is asked to shave his head and beard and to don a special sacred attire. This consists of two seamless sheets of white cloth. One is to be worn round the waist and the other over the shoulders. Both these rites are remnants of the old Vedic practice of entering Hindu shrines, clean shaven and with holy seamless spotless white sheets.

The main shrine in Mecca which houses the Shiva emblem is known as the Kaaba. It is clothed in a black shroud. This custom could also originate from the days when it was thought necessary to discourage its recapture. According to encyclopedias Britannica and Islamia the Kaaba had 360 images. Traditional accounts mention that one of the deities among the 360 destroyed, when the shrine was stormed, was that ofSaturn, another was of the moon and yet another was one called Allah. In India the practice of Navagraha puja that is worship of the nine planets is still in vogue. Two of these nine are the Saturn and the moon. Besides, the moon is always associated with Lord Shankara. A Crescent is always painted across the forehead of the Shiva emblem. Since the presiding deity at the Kaaba shrine was Lord Shiva i.e. Shankara, the crescent was also painted on it. It is that crescent which is now adopted as a religious symbol of Islam. Another Hindu tradition is that wherever there is a Shiva shrine the sacred stream of Ganga that is the Ganges must also co-exist. True to that tradition a sacred fount exists near the Kasba. Its water is held sacred because it was regarded as but another Ganga since pre-Islamic times. Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba shrine go around it seven times. In no other mosque does this perambulation prevail. Hindus invariably perambulate around their shrines. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of perambulation is still meticulously observed.

‘According to tradition, Chandragupta II achieved power by assassinating a weak elder brother. Inheriting a large empire, he continued the policy of his father, Samudra Gupta, by extending control over neighbouring territories. From 388 to 409 he subjugated Gujarat, the region north of Bombay (Mumbai), Saurastra (now Saurashtra), in western India, and Malwa, with its capital at Ujjain. These territories were ruled by Shaka chiefs, whose ancestors were Scythian tribes from the regions around Lake Balkhash (Balqash) in Kazakhstan. To strengthen his southern flank, he arranged a marriage between his daughter Prabhavati and Rudrasena II, king of the Vakatakas. When Rudrasena died, Prabhavati acted as regent for her sons, thereby increasing Gupta influence in the south. The emperor may also have made a matrimonial alliance with a dynasty in Mysore. He is almost certainly the King Chandra eulogized in the Sanskrit inscription on the iron pillar in the Qūwat al-Islām mosque in Delhi.


Saudi Arabia Hindu Kingdom

Islamic Review

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  1. In August 1969 issue of Hindustan Times group publication, Hindi monthly Kadambini, an article was published which told that during excavations at a site near Kairo in Egypt an underground palace was found.This palace had a huge library also containing books written by carvings on stone.This palace town was believed to be that of Banasur (Asur King Bana whose daughter married the grandson Aniruddh of Lord Krishna).True history of the world has to be written fre from European Christian influence.All those nature worshippers and ‘pagans’ were adherents of Vedic dharma.But our secular govts have not done anything to reinvent those forgotten chapters world history.But efforts like the ones you are doing are definitely a great service in this field.Kudos.


  2. Once I asked an old Muslim Why the Shukravar (Friday) and Brihaspativar(thursday) are regarded as pious by the Muslims?He could not tell the reason.Then I guessed that as the people of middle East were following the Asur cult before Islam they regarded Shukravar as the day of their clan guru Shukracharya and Brispativar as the day associated with Brihaspati who was the brother of Shukracharya.And to pay their regard they treated these two days as pious.


  3. If you search for lord krishna nowadays jesus with krishna and shirdi sai baba, jesus & krishna are shown stating jesus as krishna’s kalyug avatar which is nonsense. Please do write a article on that. Kalki is not yet born. Every Hindu knows that Lord Krishna or any Hindu God never leaves the avatar without ending evil and our gods avatars are clear till now… interms of protecting good and destroying evil and bowing down only to true bakhts. Jesus (no offense) doesnot fit this. He cannot be an avatar of any Hindu God who are born to destroy evil. In Hinduism gods destroyed evil and established dharma. Please it really is hurting when dwarka is discovered and stated that its Krisha ( jesus christna) dwarka of 32,000 years old found in india ? all over youtube. where does jesus fit here ?

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  4. Fantastic, I thing You should compile this starting vedic period and put it on a site systamatically.

    One more thing, also pls check out on various rituals of Hinduism, there is a logic behind each ritual whether it is Birth, Marriage, or Death. People very offen donot follow due to ignorance or they feel what if I dont do….etc. etc…

    And there are certain rituals which has no logic and people blidnly follow…which irritates people and at the end of the day people blame Hinduism…..

    Do you have any material for the Sankaras/Rituals…..Would be great.

    May Lords Bless you,


    • I will shortly be doing what you have suggested in the same site as this recahes more people.The problem I have is I need assistance to sort out what I have already written, about 1000 articles may be on Hinduism to categorise.As to Samskaras I have ritten a few articles .I am proiding a Link.You may check under Hnduism category.As to scientific reason fo our Rituals I have writtenI will be updating on all these issues.Thanks and Regds


  5. Thanks for sharing this article. With us. Even in Mahabharata they have mentioned Arab as Ghandhara.


  6. Great knowledge!
    . I think u fought very hard to gear up this truths. Due lacking of knowledge upon SANATANA DHARMA so many people are changing their religion. Please inform some books related to rituals of HINDUISM. I want to wash up the so many Satan religious minds.


    • To get a irds eyeview of Indian Philosophy,Essentials of Hinduism by Prof.Hiriyanna is Good,Detailed book Systems of Indian Philosophy y Das Gupta is ver good, For Rituals I am not aware of any standard Book,Regds


  7. This is an amazing article. I wonder how much of research you would have done to gather all the info. Good job. So much of things for our hindus to learn and to safe our religion. Pls also try to info about Mohamad. Coz my sister used to tell me, there is a Purana talks about him. He was a Shiva devotee but uses his power for evil. Lord Shiva killed him. He rebirth as Mohamad, yes he meditates in the cave, he prays to Lord Shiva but he was a demon. He started his false religion faith and gather followers to fight hinduism…and it seems it is stated in our holy book that the last religion comes to the world will so much problem and kills too many people. I believe that’s whats happening now. I am so sorry as my research is not good, but I am just giving an idea to everyone on what to research some more so that we all can unite to save our religion. Personally i will read and research more. All Hail Hindu!!!


  8. It is clear that you have no idea or knowldge about Arabic language or any other Semtic language. If you do! can you tell us what the word God is in any of the following semtic languages: Aramiac,Akkadian,Hebrew…etc Allah isnt the moon god!. There is no mention in any histrical texts about an Indian King invanding Arabia or any part of the middle east at all! they mentiond an Ethipoean and a Parsian king invading Yemen(southern Arabia) but no Indian is mentioned at all. If there was an invasion like that it should effect the language! When a Yemni King invaded Ethiopea,it had a huge impact on thier langauge! althoug that invasion happend thousends of years ago!. Arabia isnt an abrevation of Aravshtan! if you had a basic knwoldge about Arabic you will need a guy like me to correct you! In Arabic Arabia is Al Jazirah Al Arabiah.. Al=The, Jazirah=land. so Arabia= Arabiah not Arvshtan. An other mistake you made is saying that West Asia were in the Dark Ages since the coming of Islam not just that but Islam made them forget their history! at least this is what i understood from what you wrote.. but that is not true with out Islam and Arabs espashily the history of the westrn civillzation would be losted forever Arstotile,Plato.. and many other Greek phelsphers,Poets and scholars most of their works were translated into latin through Arabic?! why?! The father of chymistry Ibn Hayyan was an Arab Muslim some consider him the father of Scinse itslef!! Al Jabra is a branch of mathmatics! but the word is Arabic why?? it was intruduced in Arabic by Muslim mathmatican hunderds of years before Eaurpe knew what mathamtics things back then was not that dark! until the Mongols invaded Baghdad and destruied the biggest library and universty at that time “the House of Wisdom” they sloghterd a milion people according to the Arabic sources and they killed the last Arab Khalifah. That is the time when it went dark too dark for Arabs!.


  9. You made a lot of mistakes in your article I can’t address it all but I will try to address what I think is the most important. First, It is clear that you have no idea or knowledge about Arabic language or any other Semitic language. If you do! Can you tell us what the word God is in any of the following Semitic languages: Aramaic, Arcadian, Hebrew…etc Allah isn’t the moon god!. Second, There is no mention in any historical texts about an Indian King invading Arabia or any part of the middle east at all! They mentioned in Ethiopian and a Persian king invading Yemen(southern Arabia) but no Indian is mentioned at all. If there was an invasion like that it should effect the language! When a Yemeni King invaded Ethiopia, it had a huge impact on their language! Although that invasion happened thousands of years ago!. A third mistake, Arabia isn’t an abbreviation of Arabshtan If you had a basic knowledge about Arabic you will not need a guy like me to correct you! In Arabic Arabia is Al Jazirah Al Arabiah. Al=The, Jazirah=land. So Arabia= Arabiah it is not Aravshtan. Actually it not Arabiah but ‘rabiah the first letter isn’t (a) but it is another sound that is a pure uniquely Semitic, idont think Indian has that sound in their language the letter called Ain in Arabic, search and give me a feedback. Another mistake you made is saying that West Asia were in the Dark Ages since the coming of Islam, not just that but Islam made them forget their own history! At least this is what I understood from what you wrote. But that is not true without Islam and Arabs splashily a huge part of the history of the western(all human too) civilization would be lost forever. Aristotle, Plato. And many other Greek philosophers, Poets and scholars, most of their works were translated into Latin through Arabic?! Why?! The father of chemistry Ibn Hayyan was an Arab Muslim some consider him the father of Science itself!! Al Sabra is a branch of mathematics! But the word is Arabic why?? Because it was introduced in Arabic by a Muslim hundred of years before Europe knew what mathematics things back then was not that dark! Until the Mongols invaded Baghdad and destroyed the biggest library and university at that time “the House of Wisdom” they slaughtered a million people according to the Arabic sources, burning the books, dumping them into the river and killing the last Arab Halifax. That is the time when it went dark too dark for Arabs!. It is still dark nowadays!. Another point I like to mention. What about the oldest civilizations ever known which are located in Mesopotamia! Northern border of Arabia they were Pagans too, a lot of ancient Arab deities were the same as those in Mesopotamia! So maybe Hinduism itself is originated from an old ancient middle eastern region


    • omar you are completely a stupid, you are still covered in dark. mathematics, science, astrology, embryology, structure of universe and it functions, function of human body, medicine etc.. are first said by indian hindu saints all your arabia people stolen our books. and also scientist say that sanskrit is mother of all languages. islam is false religion which says to kill people to rape women , to marry and rape children, to beat wife’s, as per quran terrorist is only true muslim. islam is a false religion which is established by self claimed prophet mohhamed and he wrote quran for his uses. islam is completely against to science. kaba is a shiva temple. even king vikramaditya inscriptions founded at kaba and at present they are in turkey museum. kaba is a shiva temple. as hindus do round around temple you also do round around that temple, by the way mohhamed grand father was shiva devotee. even he wrote stuti on lord shiva at present also it is available. you muslims worshiping shiva by worshiping kaba. aswad in kaba also a sanskrit word asswetha which means black, whoever every one knowws that aswadf is in black colour. that is shiva linga. there is no mosque in earth which as black stone, even yor self claimed prophet built mosque also doesn’t have black stone, but mecca has beacause it is lord Shiva linga. if you agree or not that is truth.


  10. First every body know the the tenth Avatar Lord Vaikunder(ShiveNarayan) He will create Dharmayugam and everlasting life


  11. Nice blog,sanathana dharma is the only religion followed from west asia to china.kaaba is a hindu temple.even jews used to follow our dharma.but due to barbaric people like mohammad our entire planet is facing threat from terrorism.


  12. I guess you start looking in to mittani kingdoms , sogodians and Amaranna letters you will get more details about all this ,


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