Indira Gandhi, mole of KGB was paid Money 💰 KGB.image

KGB Mole Indira Gandhi Received Suitcase Of Money Mitrokhin Document

people who are guilty beyond doubt,based on documents,do not have shame,do not feel embarrassed at all and they are going about as though nothing has happened.They are brazenly defiant and are trying to strut back to power. Their Ace is Peoples’  memory being very short.

History Content Secular Indians Are Worried About List

Puranas are not non sense but a chronicle of Human evolution..

That Islam has destroyed temples, raped Indian women, plundered India,

That the present Muslims were forced to convert to Islam by sword,

That The Taj Mahal was built ona Shiva Temple,

That Vikramaditya ruled the world,

That Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages and is the most suitable for even the modern computing,

That tamil, another ancient Indian Language is as old as Sanskrit,

That india was culturally One,

That there was no Aryan Invasion,

That there was no entry of Aryans through the Khyber Pass,

That Lord Rama’s ancestor Satyavrata Manu migrated to North from the South,

Helped Rajiv Gandhi Firm KGB

Information galore on Nehru family corruption and patriotism!     *Indira Gandhi a Mole of USSR,Rajiv paid 3,20,000 Roubles,Rajv was paid by Boeing,Bofors,Sonia Gandhi‘s relatives smuggling antiques from India,Sonia Gandhi’s … Continue reading Helped Rajiv Gandhi Firm KGB

Indira Gandhi Is Maimoona Beegum Shastri Murder Mitrokhin Archive

I have posted articles on the shenanigans of the Congress Party, starting from Motilal Nehru,their family tree,Corruption by the family,Bofors,Swiss accounts,Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi being paid by the KGB, not to speak about 2G scam.

Add LN Mishra’s Murder, Purulia Arms Drop Nagavala Case where the CBI investigating officer Raghavan was murdered.

Then Sanjay Gandhi Murder.

Now the famous or infamous, depends on your perspective, Mitrokin archives have been made Public by the Russian Government.

Read a sample and follow the Links for detail.

Some patriot, some ma Durga! “Durga Courtesy Vajpayee)