KGB Mole Indira Gandhi Received Suitcase Of Money Mitrokhin Document

Indira Gandhi, mole of KGB was paid Money 💰 KGB.image

I was writing on Politics, corruption and about general decay with authentic documentation. So much so, my articles and images were taken to UN by Sri.Udhayamurthy, founder of Voluntary organisation in Tamil Nadu. He contacted me about the articles I had written on the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka and sought my permission to use the materials, including authentic gruesome images of Tamils who are butchered. I had told him to go ahead as my purpose is to expose Truth.He took it to UN.

Similarly On Corruption,I had written extensively on many scams, corruption by the mighty, powerful with documents, many times with sources from Abroad, including Banks.I had also published entire audio of conversations between politicians,Media people and also official minutes of many scams, including 2G,Kalaignar TV,Phone line irregularities,Swiss Account details,Thorium theft,Missed tape exposing the conspiracy in London to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi,Former Prime minister of India.

Cover of Mitrokhin archives book

About five years back, I stopped writing on these issues, as my interest lies in Santana Dharma, Ancient True History of India/ world and solutions for problems faced by people daily in life.Many readers also wrote to me not to waste time on these useless issues as these shenanigans continue unabated and there are sites, investigative reporting, newspapers devoted to these topics.

However, of late, I am finding misinformation on all the points I mentioned. And people who are guilty beyond doubt,based on documents,do not have shame,do not feel embarrassed at all and they are going about as though nothing has happened.They are brazenly defiant and are trying to strut back to power. Their Ace is Peoples’ memory being very short.

As my blog has over 16,804,778 hits a base of over 6000 subscribers,the blog has credibility and my readers are highly educated and of moral standards, I have decided to restart my writings on Corruption and wrong doings in the country.Those who have sources and information which is authentic, may mail the details .

Now, I had published articles bon Mitrokin Archives. That included the information that Indira Gandhi was code named as Maimoona Begum by KGB and was a KGB Mole.

Now more on this,

Mitrokhin Archive Book

The Russian agency declared India as “the model of KGB infiltration of a Third World government” with “scores of sources throughout the Indian government, in intelligence, counter-intelligence, defence and foreign ministries, the police …”

The agency had so many agents and sources that then KGB chief Yuri Andropov turned down an offer by an Indian cabinet minister for a payment of $50,000 in exchange for information. Suitcases of cash were sent to then prime minister Indira Gandhi for her party’s war chest, not to mention vast sums of money funnelled to the CPI.

All this and much more is alleged in two chapters of The Mitrokhin Archive II, due for publication in India next month. Extracts, however, appeared in the press, leading to a blizzard of denials and protestations from the Congress and the Left.

Their injured innocence has failed to dent the credibility of the book and its intriguing contents. When The Mitrokhin Archive was published in 1999, the book created a tsunami in western intelligence circles because of the authoritativeness and detailed information copied from thousands of KGB files.

More fascinating was the story of the author, Vasili Mitrokhin. A senior KGB archival officer, he defected to Britain in 1992, bringing with him a treasure trove of top secret KGB documents he had secreted over the years. His defection was hailed as one of the great intelligence coups of the 20th century and his archival material was confirmed as genuine by the CIA and MI5. Mitrokhin died last year.’ Source. DILIP BOBB
October 3, 2005
ISSUE DATE: October 3, 2005UPDATED: April 20, 2012 10:52 IST. India Today

Download Pdf here

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