Indira Gandhi, mole of KGB was paid Money 💰 KGB.image

KGB Mole Indira Gandhi Received Suitcase Of Money Mitrokhin Document

people who are guilty beyond doubt,based on documents,do not have shame,do not feel embarrassed at all and they are going about as though nothing has happened.They are brazenly defiant and are trying to strut back to power. Their Ace is Peoples’  memory being very short.

Whom One Should Vote For, India Elections

1.The Corrupt.



ISRO Antrix,


Adarsh Building,

Reliance License,


Thorium scam,

Augusta Helicopter Deal,

Maharashtra Irrigation ,

Delhi Jal .

2. Confirmed Accounts in Swiss Banks.

3.Indifference to States problems,Water, Fishermen,Immigrant issues,Statehood,in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odishsa.

4.Confused Foreign Policy. Quarrel with the US on behalf of a Diplomat who is in the wrong, but keeping quiet on US’s Support to Pakistan ,Technology transfer issue, Visa restrictions.

Pakistan, are we friendly with them or not?

Bangladesh-Ammibivalent approach.

5.Keeping mum on the Genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka,

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