Converse With Reality God

This article is based on real experiences of Life and those who seek rationale or Logic are well advised to skip the article.

Devi Kamakshi.

Life,as I see it in the twilight of my years, is not logical,nor does it obey,follow or satisfy my ego,my qualifications,my wealth or my pedigree.Ot meanders through,though it may appear that we are leading, controlling it.It makes you react,though you may be deluded into thinking that you are Proactive.

When you have circumstances not working in your favour, you do not know against whom you should react or how to.Many real life situations belong to this category.Nothing is black and white, nothing hundred percent correct,Right. Nor one is. Everything is grey.Everything, everyone in life is Correct,Right from one’s Perspective.

Hence alluding motives,reacting ,instead of solving the issue aggravates.I tell people,Life usually and definitely messes up ( actually the term I Use is a Four letter word),and so you don’t mess it up further.

I have seen in such circumstances,it is better, advisable to keep quiet. But this needs practice. I am yet to get this.

Next is you are under extreme mental pressure, strain.As human beings, we need to let off.We need to communicate .

Whom do we communicate with?

Definitely not with Relatives,as more than likely,would complicate the issue. With Friends,Yes. Even with friends, you may not be able to unburden fully.

With whom can You?

Unburden,in private to Him or Her.

It doesn’t matter who He or She is.

Those who can,will understand this post.

4 responses to “Converse With Reality God”

  1. Dear Ramani,

    You write Us that the way Reality appears in You, isn’t logically to understand.
    First question: Which Reality are You writing about? The Dual/Relative DreamReality You-as-a-Human are create to MindFuck YourSelf, which implicitly invites all-the-relative-time to WakeUp from? Our the FactualReality that leaves You no questions because it’s super-logical by Laws of Nature/Creation? To put it in other Words: The Way You See Reality is defined by the Persona / Glasses You by Your FreeWill choose to use. If these Question are not 100% clear to You, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Us. Know, by doing so, You would make Us very Happy !!! We do Love to HelpOut Others in general, WhereEver in Our UniVerse. And especially SomeOne of Your Caliber, if You are SomeWay in Spiritual Need !!!

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