Secular Civil Rights Fraud Teesta Book Issue

Teaching children ,if wrong, it is a crime that The book was meant/Used by for teachers.

Correcting Indian History ‘Historical Madness’?

Yes Godse killed Gandhi, it is to be condemned.

But does that make one suspect his love for India?

Golwalkar and Hedgewar?

What are their sins?

That they lived impeccable lives?

They were erudite scholars?

Or most importantly tried to bring the Hindus together who were being made to hate their Hindu Culture?

Now about Gandhi.

One of holy cows about whom nothing but the best is to be said,

Was Gandhi the only person who brough freedom to India single-handedly?

History Content Secular Indians Are Worried About List

Puranas are not non sense but a chronicle of Human evolution..

That Islam has destroyed temples, raped Indian women, plundered India,

That the present Muslims were forced to convert to Islam by sword,

That The Taj Mahal was built ona Shiva Temple,

That Vikramaditya ruled the world,

That Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages and is the most suitable for even the modern computing,

That tamil, another ancient Indian Language is as old as Sanskrit,

That india was culturally One,

That there was no Aryan Invasion,

That there was no entry of Aryans through the Khyber Pass,

That Lord Rama's ancestor Satyavrata Manu migrated to North from the South,

Who Supports Muslims Terrorism

I came across a New Report in a Swedish News Paper in English as to who represents the Muslims in Sweden.

Is it the Moderates or the Social Democrats?

Being political animals every one treads softly on Muslim toes...
Overall, the 2005 Pew Global Attitudes survey finds that support for terrorism has generally declined since 2002 in the six predominantly Muslim countries included in the study – Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, and Turkey – although there are some variations across countries and survey items.

We will focus on results for three terrorism-related measures: attitudes about suicide bombing and other violence against civilians, views on suicide bombing carried out against Americans and other Westerners in Iraq, and opinions about Osama bin Laden. The first two measures were only asked of Muslim respondents. All respondents were asked their opinion of bin Laden; however, we will restrict our analysis to Muslim respondents."

In India it is the non-Muslims who promote Muslims in the garb of Secularism.

Secularism Different Views.

Secularism means a lot of things to various people, depending on what your attitude towards Life is.

If you are a Christian, acceptance of the other sects of Christianity .For Islam it is the embracing of Islam.

For the Communists, it is bourgeois culture.

For Indian Politicians the appeasement of Muslims and Christians and the baiting of the Majority Hindus.

For Christianity and the Bible 'Heathens'

For Islam 'Kafirs'