Secular Civil Rights Fraud Teesta Book Issue

It is quite easy in India to abuse India. India seems to be a country which has a special species, Secularists, who has a single life consuming motivation.. That of Denigrating the rich culture of India. These people would like to be known and respected as Liberals by those who ruled us and by the great Defender of Human Dignity and Tolerance, The US. The record of UK as a main culprit who escaped the stigma of War Crimes and Peace Time Crimes which it had carried out during it’s Colonial Era. As to what US is please watch The Butler Movie in Netflix. The movie hass moved from Netflix. You can watch it (Paid/Rent) on YouTube or Google movies.

You shall know the real face of US. It has no standing to talk about Human Rights.

It is mainly for recognition from these people and of course for Juda’s Silver in the form of Grants , our home grown Liberals behave the way as they do.


Under attack for the manner in which the government treated students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) for allegedly indulging in “anti-national” activities, Irani quoted from the handbook, claiming it created differences between students on religious lines.

School principal Father Bernard Fernandes confirmed the school had stopped using the textbook around 2004. “These books were used by some of our schools on an experimental basis for a year,” said Fernandes. “But they were discontinued after a year. Today, none of our teachers use these books.”

The school authorities were surprised how Irani got a copy of the book. “Our teachers don’t use the book anymore, so we do not know how the HRD got a copy of it, claiming it was from our school,” said an official from the school.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Father Bernard Fernandes, principal of the school, said:These were no textbooks but handbooks. These books were used by some of our schools on an experimental basis for a year and were meant for teachers...But they were discontinued immediately after a year they were introduced. Today, none of our teachers use these handbooks.

The handbook talked about Shivaji being born as a shudra who rose to power and fame because he represented the underprivileged classes and spoke against injustice.

Teesta Setalvad’s former aide Rais Khan Pathan has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court alleging manipulation of evidence, which were in the form of statements of witnesses, by her in five sensitive post-Godhra riot cases.

In April 2009, the Times of India ran a story claiming that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by the Supreme Court of India to investigate and expedite the Gujarat riot cases had submitted before the Court that Teesta Setalvad had cooked up cases of violence to spice up the incidents. The SIT which is headed by former CBI director, R K Raghavan has said that false witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents by Teesta Setalvad and other NGOs. The SIT charged her of “cooking up macabre tales of killings”.

The court was told that 22 witnesses, who had submitted identical affidavits before various courts relating to riot incidents, were questioned by SIT and it was found that the witnesses had not actually witnessed the incidents and they were tutored and the affidavits were handed over to them by Setalvad. The report which was brought to the notice of the bench consisting of Justices Arijit Pasayat, P Sathasivam and Aftab Alam, noted that the much publicised case of a pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Bano being gangraped by a mob and foetus being removed with sharp weapons, was also fabricated, and false.However, Kausar Bano’s husband states alleges the doctors falsified the post-mortem despite his wife’s uterus having been removed from her body. The court that was trying the issue found beyond reasonable doubt that Babu Bajarangi killed Kausar Bano and her nine-month-old foetus by stabbing her in the stomach with a sword, but did not find sufficient evidence to prove that he removed the foetus from the uterus…

Sample book by Teesta Setalvad

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