Dasaratha Had Sons other Than Four,In Sumeria Mittani Kings List?

While checking up the spread of Sanatana Sharma, I stumbled upon facts ,which though initially seemed at variance with Indian texts,deeper study has proved that the information provided by Indian texts are in agreement with foreign sources.

Only after such verification, I write.

But one information, I am unable to reconcile.

That is Ramayana.

Rama’s Empire extended throughout the world and his sons were found in the far east and northwest of India.

Rama”s legacy is found in abounds in Iraq and the middle east.

The issue I am facing is that while names of Ramayana,Bharata( not Rama’s brother,but Dushyanta’s son) and Dasaratha are found in the Sumerian Kings List,and names of Dasaratha,Parashurama are found in the Kings List of Mittani.

But the progenies’ names of Rama are not found,though the names in these Kings Lists after Dasaratha are of Sanskrit origin .

But Bharatha,Lakshmana and Shatrugna do not find a place in these lists,though Rama’s son Lava founded the present day Lahore in Pakistan.

I am unable to find mention of any sons of Dasaratha,other than Rama,Lakshmana,Bharatha and Shatrugna.

So if Dasaratha,spelled as Tusharatta in these Kings Lists,who were Dasaratha’s successors in Sumerian and Mittani Empire?

Names of the sons of Ramayana,Lava and Kusa are not found ,either.

Could it be that the Kings of Sumerian and Mittani are the children of Bharatha,Lakshmana,Shatrugna?

Or the sons of Dasaratha, through his consort other than Kausalya,Kaikeyi and Sumitra?

According to Hindu Sharma,A King can not anoint a son not through Queens.

Is it that Dasaratha gave away these far lands to his console’s son?

Though it is stated that Dasaratha married 60,000 wives to avoid the wrath of Parashurama,Valmiki records the 350 wives of Dasaratha.

Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 10

Dasaratha said to Sumantra,
“Oh, Sumantra! being all my wives, who are here. Surrounded by all of them, I want to see the virtuous Rama.”
(‘who are here’ means available at the capital city then)
Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 13:
अर्ध सप्त शताः ताः तु प्रमदाः ताम्र लोचनाः |
कौसल्याम् परिवार्य अथ शनैः जग्मुर् धृत व्रताः || २-३४-१३
“ardha sapta shataah taah tu pramadaah taamra locanaah |
kausalyaam parivaarya atha shanaih jagmur dhrita vrataah ||” 2-34-13
atha= thereafter; taah= those; ardha sapta shataah= THREE
HUNDRED AND FIFTY pramadaah= women; dhritavrataah= steadfast in their vow (of devotion to their husband); taamra lochanaah= having red eyes; parivaarya= encircling; kausalyaam= Kausaly; jagmuh= went; shanaih= slowly.
‘Encircling Kausalya, three hundred fifty women, steadfast in their vow (of devotion to their husband), with their eyes reddened, went there slowly.’
(ii) Valmiki Ramayana, Book II : Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter (Sarga) 39, Verse 34 & 35:
Rama said to Queen Kausalya, His mother,
“Oh, mother! You do not grieve. You look after my father. The end of exile will come rather soon.”

Dasaratha wives 3,350,60,000

Scholars may clarify whether Dasaratha had any more sons than the four.

Kings List Sumerian.image
Rama in Sumerian Kings List

I have posted an article that Lord Rama and Bharata’s names are found in the Kings List of Sumerians chronicling their Kings.

Not only Rama and Bharata, but the names of other Hindu Puranic figures find a place in the Kings List.

The Names found are,

 Indra,Pururavas,Dasaratha,Parashurama,Satyavrata,Iksvahu,Kakusha,Janaka,Vasishta, Janamejaya,Dushyanta(Father of Bharata,after whom India is named as Bharatavarsha),Rishis Gautama,Dundhu,,Muchukunda,Drupada,Harischandra,Sagara,Bhagiratha, Lava, Kusha(Rama’s sons),Aja and Raghu(Rama’s ancestors),Pundarika,

Curious enough ‘ all of them belong to Solar Dynasty mentioned in Puranas.

Sumerian Kings List

Mittani Kings List. Source. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rulers_of_Mitanni


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