Dasaratha Had Sons other Than Four,In Sumeria Mittani Kings List?

So if Dasaratha,spelled as Tusharatta in these Kings Lists,who were Dasaratha’s successors in Sumerian and Mittani Empire? 

Names of the sons of Ramayana,Lava and Kusa are not found ,either.

Could it be that the Kings of Sumerian and Mittani are the children of Bharatha,Lakshmana,Shatrugna?

Or the sons of Dasaratha, through his consort other than Kausalya,Kaikeyi and Sumitra?

According to Hindu Sharma,A King can not anoint a son not through Queens.

Is it that Dasaratha gave away these far lands to his console’s son?

Though it is stated that Dasaratha married 60,000 wives to avoid the wrath of Parashurama,Valmiki records the 350 wives of Dasaratha.

 Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 10

Dasaratha said to Sumantra,
“Oh, Sumantra! being all my wives, who are here. Surrounded by all of them, I want to see the virtuous Rama.”
(‘who are here’ means available at the capital city then)
Valmiki Ramayana, Ayodhya Kanda, Chapter 34, Verse 13:

Bullfighting Jallikkattu Spain corrida de toros Started By Krishna

The bullfighting in Spain and Latin American countries is called corrida de toros.

Lord Krishna married a Pandyan princess, had a daughter through her, Pandya and gifted her 100 Yadava families as dowry.

Krishna also attended Tamil Sangam as a Guest.

Please read my posts on this.

It is probable that Krishna introduced bullfighting in Tamil Nadu and throughout the world.

Sivas City Turkey Hinduism Tamil Manu Needhi Chola

Roman kins weaing Hindu marks

Apart from the evidence of Hitties being influenced by the Tamils, it might be possible that the Cholas were in Hittie Kingdom,possibly they had a hand in forming the Hittie Empire.

This is a speculation I have in the light of many of the Hitties customs and the depiction of a chariot running over a man.

In the Tamil Classics, King Manu Needhi Chola ran his son down by his chariot because his son ran over a calf and because the cow had complained of this to him by ringing the bell set up by the king for the people to let him know of their problems!

First Pyramid Builder Roman Emperor With Vaishanava Marks

These Kings and evena Roman Emperor sported Thiruman, The Vaishnavite marks on their Body.
Sanskrit origin of Tushratta is Dasaratha, a few others that it is Tvesaratha (having splendid chariots), a name which is attested in the Rigveda.