Croatia From Sanatana Dharma,Dasaratha,Saraswathi ? Mittani Kings List

One would like check the information one comes across while studying,

The History of the world,

Ancient civilizations,

World languages,

World cultures,

World Regious texts,

Folk lore,


Archeological sites and

Santana Dharma of India.

While studying older/est Languages like Sanskrit and Tamil(my knowledge is limited to these two), I have been able to find and validate that, Sanatana Dharma was present/influenced,


Burma,Sri Lanka,Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Cambodia,Korea,Laos,Japan,Philippines,Newzealand and Australia towards the east of India, and

To the West of India,

Arabian peninsula,



Middle East,



Continents of Africa,Americas.

Mittani,Aztec,Mayans,Incas civilizations trace back to Sanatana Dharma,Sanskrit And Tamil.

I have written on articles on each of these countries mentioned above.

Focussing on Europe,the settlements began in this area when Great Flood struck what is now Asia and migration to Europe took place.

One finds Sanatana Sharma presence in all the countries in Europe.

Croatia and Croat is no exception.

Dasaratha,father of Rama is mentioned in Mittani Kings List.

Mittanis were the forefathers of Croatia.

Croat language and culture is rooted in Sanskrit and Goddess Sarasvathi.

I am providing excerpts from an article.

I have provided the Link towards the close of this article.

Goddess Sarasvathi.Image.
Goddess Saraswathi,Goddess of Learning,Knowledge,Wisdom.Hindu Deity.

For most of the Croatian people (or as they call themselves, Hrvati) when it comes to defining their origins and tracing their ancient roots they turn towards the land of Iran and Persia. According to academia the name Hrvat comes from Hrovat which comes from the Slavic  Horvat which originates from the Indo/Slavic Harvat and which is ultimately traced to Persia and the name Harahvaiti.

Harahvaiti however, is the corrupted name of Sarasvati, the great Vedic Goddess, the Mother of Sanskrit, the great river of the Rig Veda and the Goddess of learning. The Persians had a tendency to replace a Sanskrit ‘S’ with a Persian ‘H’, and so the word Haravaiti is actually Sarasvati.

This tendency can be seen in their word for ‘week’, hapta, which is in the Sanskrit sapta meaning week. Their name for the ‘Sun’,Hvar, is the Sanskrit Svar meaning the same. In the Avestan we find the seven rivers of the Aryan land are described as  hapta hendu, an obvious corruption of sapta sindhu, the seven rivers of India. Finally there are the rivers of Iran, Haravaiti and Harayu which are the Vedic rivers of Sarasvati and Sarayu. And so if the name of Croat (Hrvat) comes from  Harvat and this in turn comes from Harahvaiti, we must conclude that the source is Sarasvati.

Sarasvati is one of many words which are cognate with the Croatian language.

Med is a Croatian word meaning honey and this comes from the Sanskrit Madhu, a name for Krsna. The Russian Medvedev and the Croatian  Medvjed both mean ‘honey eater’ a name for the bear and they both come from the Sanskrit Madhava, a name for Krsna which means ‘he who intoxicates like honey’. Below are some of the many similarities which are shared between the Sanskrit and Croatian language.

Sanskrit Croatian English
Kada Kada When
Phena Pjena Froth
Tamas Tama Dark
Da Dar Gift
Kuta Kuća House
Sabha Soba Room
Tada Tada Then
Dadati Dan/Dati Give
Matr Mater Mother
Tata Tata Father
Jiva Živ/Živa Alive
Krs Krš Ruin

According to academia, the oldest recorded name Harvat, was found in the Mittani/Hurrian documents spoken by King Tusratta some 3500 years ago. In the documents he refers to his Kingdom as Huravat Ehillaku.

We should note, however, that the King who spoke this 3,500 year old inscription was a Vedic/Hindu King, Tusratta being a corruption of  Dasarathadasa being Sanskrit for ‘ten’ and ratha Sanskrit for ‘chariot’.

King Dasaratha, according to academia, was one of many Vedic Kings who ruled the Kingdom of Mittani. The chronology of these Mittani Kings are as follows: Kirta – Suttarna – Baratarna – Parsatatar – Saustatar – Rtadharma – Suttarna II – Artashumara – Dasaratha – Mativasa – Sattuara – Vashasatta – Sattuara II.

These names are all Sanskrit/Vedic. Suttarna is Sanskrit for ‘good son’; Dasaratha is Sanskrit for ‘ten chariots’; Parsatatar is a variation of Sanskrit Parasu, ‘he who rules with the axe’; Mativasa is Sanskrit for ‘the abode of prayer’; Ritadharma is Sanskrit for ‘the law of dharma’ and Artashumarais Sanskrit for ‘the winds of righteousness’.

It is an academic fact that the Kingdom of Mittani was ruled by Vedic Kings. Here we note that the capital of Mittani was called Vasukhani.  Vasu being Sanskrit for ‘wealth’ and Khani means ‘mine’ – ‘a mine of wealth’. So if the roots of Croatian civilization are intimately connected with Iran and Persia, and in particular Mittani and the Hittites, one should take into consideration the Vedic influence behind it all.

The Croatian name for God is Bog which once again comes from the Sanskrit Bhaga, meaning Bhagavan, ‘the supreme Lord’. We see a nice example of this in the capital of Iraq, Bhagdad, Bhagbeing the Sanskrit Bhaga and dad coming from the Sanskrit  dadati meaning ‘gift’ – ‘the gift of God’. Below are more similarities between the Sanskrit and Croatian languages.

Sanskrit Croatian English
Niska Niska Beads
Znata Poznata/Poznati Know
Kesa Kosa Hair
Zara Žar Fervid
Loka Luka Province
Pluta Pluta Floats
Mus Miš Mouse
Gir Gor/Gora Mountain
Bhavati Bivati Exist
Zvana Zvana Called
Griva Griva Mane

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  1. Great connection, Indeed!
    As also, Since Rama / King Dasratha were in Satya Yug, the time frame falls sometime beyond 24,00,000 years and beyond!
    THAT is when it happened!!!!!

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    • There is unexplained issue here. The descendants of Dasaratha do not match Our version. Could be some children of Dasaratha from the 64000 wives he was supposed to have married to avoid the wrath of Parashurama. Am checking. Regards


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