Correcting Indian History ‘Historical Madness’?

Followers of this blog may be aware that I post articles on Hinduism the West Christened Hinduism, that are facts and verified,

Be it the Date of Rama, Krishna , The Vedas,Knowledge which is contained in Hindu texts that are proved by modern Science.

I do not hesitate to write on inaccuracies in Hinduism,Indian history.

I have come across two prominently displayed articles in the Deccan Herald dated 11 January, where the main focus seems to incite fear among the Public that the proposed correction, I am not sure whether this would actually happen, though I wish it does), of Indian History as we know is ‘Saffronising’ Indian Education’

It is Historical Madness.

“Unlike Nehru’s India as a nation of syncretised culture (ex: “unity in diversity”), the rightist or militant Hindutva idea of new India is based on a known rhetoric of Hindu (or Aryan) superiority constructed from selected fictions and myths contained in ancient Hindu religious texts, and which consider Islam and Christianity as alien invasions. This is a kind of historical madness. It is going to glorify Hindu nationalists like M M Malviya, K B Hedgewar, M S Golwalkar, Nathuram Godse, etc as against secular nationalist like Gandhi, Tagore, Ambedkar, Phule, Bhagat Singh and Nehru.”

It would “glorify Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Malaviya,Hedgewar,Golwalkar, and Nathuram Godse against the secularisst like Gandhi,Tagore, Ambedkar,Phule, Bhagat Singh and Nehru”.

I am shocked to read that reading about Tilak, Malaviya and others is a sin.


Have they indulged in terrorism or converted people to Hinduism?

Were they uneducated ruffian politicians?

Were they not virtuous without any scandal, public and private?

Did they not speak about out Heritage and pointed out the false history foisted on us,( which many westerners agree to)?

Yes Godse killed Gandhi, it is to be condemned.

But does that make one suspect his love for India?

Golwalkar and Hedgewar?

What are their sins?

That they lived  impeccable lives?

They were erudite scholars?

Or most importantly tried to bring the Hindus together who were being made to hate their Hindu Culture?

Now about Gandhi.

One of holy cows about whom nothing but the best is to be said,

Was Gandhi the only person who brought freedom to India single-handedly?

Did Gandhi repudiate Indian Scriptures?

Was it fair on Gandhi to force the Indian Government to accede Pakistan with disproportionate assets as if India were his ancestral property?


What more myths you want to state as History?

No doubt he was instrumental in building India.

Equally true is the fact that Kashmir mess is his creation.

As to personal character, he can not hold a candle to Malaviya and others.

As to the gentleman, who is reported to have written the Indian Constitution  and a Social reformer, Ambedkar, I have quite a few articles.

As to people who say personal life is different is from public life, I say that one who is not impeccable in personal life can not be a model Public figure, for it is morally wrong.

Then there is the fear psychosis being introduced.

What are the myths these secular want to avoid?

That Sanatana Dharma is very old,

Vedas contain advanced scientific concepts.

I I read in the same paper that some scientist has stated that ‘ the statement that Hindus knew about Vaimanika Sastra, Plane Building is non sense ‘, I shall be replying this shortly?

Lord Rama and Krishna’s dates have been authenticated by astronomical events and by Archeology.

Krishna’s Dwaraka,

Ravan’s Castle, Sita’s prison,

Axle of Ravana’s Pushpaka Vimana,

Jarasandha’s Town,

All these have been found.

Vedas have calculated the velocity of Light .

That Alexander never invaded India.

Muslims destroyed Hindu temples and converted millions of Hindus by the sword?

That the Taj was built on a Shiva Temple?

That the Vatican was a Siva Temple,

Petra Jordan Has a Siva temple,

St.Peter’s Cathedral’s Courtyard is shaped as the Shiva Linga,

Archeological evidence has been found throughout the world that the Sanatana Dharma was present everywhere,

That the idols in many South Indian Temples had to be hidden to escape the wrath of Islam,

That Krishna married a Pandyan Princess,

That Aryan Invasion is a nonsense propagated by the west,

Max Mueller deliberately misinterpreted Hindu scriptures,

That Macaulay openly admitted that his intention to introduce was to make Indians lose their respect for their culture,

That the Bible and Koran were concocted stories to serve political greed,

Britishers , during their rule of India, have killed about One Billion Indians?

That the Christians allot funds to convert Hindus?

Christians ridicule Hinduism and at the same time have included many Hindu practices into their fold.

Making corrections , with authentic sources is no crime.

So is quoting Hindu texts.

It is not as though , every thing about Modern science is about to be banned in India.

Believing this is Madness.


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