History of Tamil Chozha Kings List From 5100 CE Karikal Valavan

Chola Emblem Tiger found in Flags Rings

We have seen in the earlier article about the date of Chera Kings of Tamil Nadu from the date of Mahabharata War. In this article, we shall look into the Timeline of Chozha Kings of Tamil Nadu.

Karikalan is considered to be the first recorded Chola , though there are views that many Chozhas preceded Karikal Chozhan was a contemporary of Chera King Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan who was present in Mahabharata war. ‘Upon the accession of Karikala, at a young age, there was a civil conflict in the Chola territory. By the time Karikala had succeeded in vanquishing rival claimants and establishing his hold over the territory, the neighboring Chera and Pandya rulers saw their opportunity. The two rulers formed a confederacy which also included eleven Velir chieftains apart from the two major rulers and invaded the Chola territory.[citation needed] It is unclear why even the Velir who were generally the allies of the Cholas stood against Karikala, the scion of the solar race and of the Kashyapa gotra, though Karikala by his brilliant stratagem inflicted a crushing defeat on the alliance in the ensuing encounter at Venni. Following his defeat, the Chera ruler Uthiyan Cheralathan starved himself to death (suicide by slow starvation).’https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Venni

Udhiyan Cheralaathan date based on Mahabharata reference about his presence in the War, is around 5100 CE. Karikalan defeated him at Battle of Venni. Therefore, Karikal Chozhan was a contemporary of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan. Karikal Chola’ s date ,therefy, is around 5100 CE

  • Karikalan I 5100 CE (30)
  • Cheraman Paamaloor erintha Neythalanganal Ilamchetchenni (60 Years)
  • Cherupaazhi erintha Ilamchetchenni (50)
  • Perumpoon chenni (25)
  • Uruva Paikhrer Ilamchetchenni (13 years)
  • Karikalan II (32 years)
  • Manakkilli (20 years)
  • Vel pahradakkai Peruviral Killi (20 years)
  • Pooravaikopp Perunarkkilli ( 35 Years)
  • Mudithalai Koperunarkkilli (38 years)
  • Koperum Chozhan (25 Years)
  • Otrumai Vetta Perunarkkilli (22 Years)
  • Chetchenni Nalankilli @ Maavalathan (18)
  • Kulamutrathu tunjiya Killivalavan (21)
  • Kurapalli tunjiya Perum Thirumavalavan (39)
  • Neythalankanal Ilamchetchenni (20)
  • Karikalan III (50AD)
  • Maavan Killi (20AD)
  • Nedumudikkilli (20)
  • Chenganan (30)
  • Isai Ve ngilli (30 )
  • Kaivankilli (30)
  • Polampoonkilli (20)
  • Kadumankilli (25)
  • Nalladi (45) known by Agananooru 356th poem

In the Battle of Venni, Karikala crushed the Pandya and Chera forces along with their 11 chieftains, leading to the unifying of the three kingdoms into one under Karikala’s rule. Chera King Peruncheralathan was fatally wounded by the arrow throwen

by Karikalan that pierced his chest and wounded his back , Since he got wounded his back , the chera king out of shame had commited self sacrifice by starving himself to death facing North (vadakkiruthal).

Karikal Cholas Northern expedition

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