Jesus Suprabhatha in Sanskrit,Time To Register Protest

Christian proselytising is one thing,aping customs of other Religions,especially Hinduism,is another.

The way Christianity apes and follows Hinduism is laughable.

We have Pastors,calling themselves Sadhus,like Sadhu Chellappa,

Calling Bible as Vedaagamam,without understating the meaning of the terms,Veda or Agama,

Using Sanskrit terms in the Bible and conducting Upavasa Japan(!),

Conducting Agni Camp, for preaching,(tell me,what has Christ to do with Agni,Fire),

Calling their preachers as Sastrigal(Purohits),

Conducting Christian Festivals,including at Velankanni,with Dwajarohana(hoisting ceremonial flag at the temple before a festival),


Now they have started,in addition to Jesus Sahasranama and Astotra,Jesus Suprabhatha!

Watch the Video below.

One must remember that what is in use today becomes History tomorrow.

If we fail to check and record these atrocious attempts to seek legitimacy to Christianity,sometime in future Christians will claim Christ is Vedic God!

In fact, Thirupparnkundram,One of the six special abode of Murugan,Subrahmanya,is called as Sikhander Mountain by Muslim groups and the hill in Kashmir where Adi Shankaracharya meditated,has been called as Suleiman Hills by the Department of Archeology,India.

Time people recorded these frauds so that future generations are not presented with false History.

Christians As Brahmins

4 responses to “Jesus Suprabhatha in Sanskrit,Time To Register Protest”

  1. New at all!
    But you are right; the records have to be set Right!
    The place to begin is with ASI; who are still living in their BRITISH Past 😦
    Time they stopped calling Saraswati River Civilization as Harrappan Civilization; Calling and rectifying all Names and Addresses as per their Rightful Dues and so on and so Forth!

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  2. I think with the support of some black sheep from of us extended the help, I believe. Without that they don’t have knowldege to do this. We need to trace these traitors first and weed out

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