Christians As Brahmins New Method Of Religious Conversion

Couple of Days back I received a call from my close friend of 46 Years from Myiladuthurai that he came across a site called ,

Christian Brahmna Seva Samithi
Chritian Brahmana Seva SamithiChristian Brahmna Seva Samithi

Christhava Brahmana seva Samithi (Trust) .

He informed me that Christians ,posing as converts from the Brahmin Community are insulting Hinduism.

He asked me to blog about it

I told him that, some time back, I received a call from my fiend ,Mr.Sundaram,Bangalore informing me that he had seen small handbills stuck in Railway Compartments,  where Christians changed the Slokas, both Ashottram and Sahasranama of Hindu Gods and claimed that they were written in praise of Jesus Christ!

I Informed my friend Mr.Sekaran,Myiladuthurai that Chistians, in their over zealousness of  promoting Christianity,so strong is their Religion and their Faith in it, are capable of doing anything for numbers.

Why would they not, with Millions allotted for Religious Conversions by The Vatican and the innumerable sub-sects(Christianity ,  like The  Seventh  Day ,  Eighth Day, Tenth Day Churches contributing their might, in terms of money and Manpower!

They entered as Traders,become Missionaries,Regional Language scholars(like Robert Caldwell,Veerama Munivar),posed /pose as Educationists, Social workers to increase their flock,not by Conviction, but by the lure of money and power.

Christian Brahman Seva Samithi Poster
Christian Brahman Seva Samithi Poster

Posing as Brahmins is another step.

I remember , in the late sixties and early seventies, The DMK used a guy called Mani Iyer to their meetings to address the gathering as a Brahmin, attacking Brahmins.

Christianity is a Great religion, it needs the aid of  poor minority Brahmins to save their Religion.

Islam is, at least, Honest and open in religious conversions

(One should watch the Christian Channels, people are named as Sadhu.Chellappa, Sadhu.SundarSingh.

They have prayers composed in Carnatic. Ragas.

So obsessed are they with Hinduism, they call the Bible as ‘Vedaagamam’ not understanding the meaning of either the Vedas of Agamas and Agama,in fact was started to destroy Hinduism.

For more on Christianity, read my posts on Christianity)

* I tried visiting the Site mentioned, I got the message ‘bandwidth exceeded’.

You may try visiting by clicking on the Trust’s name.


Advent Christian Church Building at Tiruvanmiyur.See the cloth poster displaying in Tamil ‘Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithy’

Yesterday morning (Thursday, 6-8-2009) I got a phone call from some agitated senior Hindu citizens of Tiruvanmiyur. All of them were complaining about a poster put up by the Advent Christian Church at Tiruvanmiyur. The poster has been put up by ‘Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithy’, announcing that there is going to be a ‘Kathaa Kaalakshepam’ by “Poojyasri Bhagavatar Vedanaayakam Shastrikal” on 8-8-2009 (Saturday) at 5 PM at the Advent Christian Church premises. The main man behind this initiative is one Sadhu Chellappa who is endevouring to beat the conversion record of St Francis Xavier (1605-1552) in Goa and elsewhere in India in the 16th century, Robert de Nobili (1577-1656) in Madurai in the 17th century, Fr Schwartz (1726-1798) in Thanjavur District in the 18th Century and Bishop Caldwell (1814-1891) in Tirunelveli District in the 19th Century.

What angered the enlightened Hindus of Tiruvanmiyur is that the Advent Christian Church is misusing the name (and of course caste!!!) of the Brahmin community in order to use it as a ploy to mislead and deceive young Hindu men and women in general and Brahmins in particular, in order to lure them into the commercial trap of treacherous missionary Christianity…


Recently many Dalit Christians in Tamil Nadu, Who had converted to Christianity some years ago, have reconverted themselves into the fold of Hinduism, the religion of their forefathers. When I interviewed some of them they told me in one voice: “We have had enough of cruel and unbearable caste discrimination inside our Church. We are happy to return to Hinduism.”

Perhaps Sitaram Goel (1921-2003) had mercenaries like Sadhu Chellappa in mind when in his classic book ‘History of Hindu-Christian Encounters’ (AD 304 to 1996) he observed as follows: “Jesus Christ has been the stock-in-trade of Christian Mission down the ages. He has been packed in all shapes and sizes depending upon the gullibility of the clients to be duped. And he has been rammed down the throats of those who have refused to be hoodwinked by the hoax. As one surveys the history of Christian Missions in lands where this hoax has been hawked or imposed, one comes across no end of force and fraud employed in its service by a variety of soldiers and salesmen most of whom are presented as saints. It can be said without exaggeration that if one is in search of a hardened criminal with a clean conscience, one should reach out for the first available Christian Saint and one will not miss the mark. Saint Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of the East according to the Roman Catholic Church, provides an excellent example.”

Please watch local language Christian Channels like Angel TV,Asirvatham  TVin Tamil and other corresponding Channels in other Languages.

This Law is applicable to Muslims and the Dravidian Parties as well.

Sections 153-A and 295-A of Indian Penal Code.


Section 153A in The Indian Penal Code, 1860
153A. 1[ Promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.– 

(1) Whoever- 

(a) by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language,caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill- will between different religious, racials, language or regional groups or castes or communities, or
(b) commits any act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, and which disturbs or is likely to disturb the public tranquillity, 2[ or]..

Large amount of funds go to Christian organizations whose purpose is conversion. This act of “soul harvesting” or “planting of the Church” is an anachronistic practice of nineteenth century which is totally incongruous in the twenty first century where faith based political movements like the Church movements are disappearing from Europe their cradle of growth. Europe which has given up on the Church is trying to overcome its guilt by exporting Christianity to India. The recipient organizations may argue that they are serving poor but do they need European money to serve Indian poor.

60 Replies to “Christians As Brahmins New Method Of Religious Conversion”

  1. Really pity took your innocence Mr . Ramani. you know what you cant go and challenge an Astronaut on your own imagination of moon claiming it is the way how you see it. A student cannot be a teacher even though He is the first rank holder same way you need to know that those who know the truth can never change that. It is defined clearly that cannot be overridenice so whatever it is said. It is that the brahmins have found the truth and they praise Christ.God bless you to find out the truth.


    1.“Go ye and convert them sinners…” is the only saying from Jesus that all Christians adhere to very greatly. While in college in America I had a Lab technician named John, who I used to call “John the Baptist” because, aptly, he was also the son of a practicing Baptist minister. John was constantly trying to convert me saying “You know, if you don’t believe in Jesus you will surely go to hell” . I would say to him ” let us discuss that once I get to heaven and meet you there!”


  2. Catetism, the foundation of Hinduism-unlike other religions, is a curse and thread to the national unity and to the future of Hinduism itself. Let us mend it.

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  3. Going by many responses , I understand that they are living in denials of both historic and current facts. I would advise them to educate themselves applying their critical faculty and not being overshadowed by religious fervor. That fact that caste is a permanent feature of Christianity since long time and fairly entrenched is not a widely acknowledged fact. Had change of heart been the sole motive for conversion,( though exceptions may be there) there would been as many Christians in India as a man having fingers in his/her hand. Whom you are fooling. If others are fooled , you may rejoice, but when are fooling yourself, we feel pity for you. Wake up. It was force and inquisition earlier, now guile and unethical means are being employed for conversion which ,in both the cases , is unethical. Are they enlightened . They introduced inquisition which is a means to punish apostates and control heresy , concepts which are alien to Hinduism. The christian church is guilty of torture and witch hunting which have been exposed by modernists and one German pastor. WE dont want of of it. The Christianity has been met and defeated in their own turf and we Indians should collaborate and learn from those who have exposed the guile of Christianity.


  4. Jesus did not come to save religion. Jesus came to save people. (Luke 19:10)

    I believe in Jesus, that doesn’t demand me to become a christian. Because I’m matured to understand the difference between GOD and Religion, I continue to love both.

    A true citizen of any religion will respect others, so do I. One who don’t know to respect other religion cannot be a citizen of any. I pity those who are in conversions, they neither believe in religion nor Jesus.

    Shankar Raj


    1. Christianity, islam i judaism are abomination to religion as such. They have more to do with criminal mafia and dirty politics than religion and God whom they treat as a tool and means of getting to power and weath. Bogus cheats.


  5. Christianity has always used fraud and lies to extend their greed of power and rule and money. Beware and have no mercy for them, just as you should have no mercy for islmists. Never trust them, never succumb to their propaganda and words. They are treacherous snakes…


    1. No they are not Fraud’s. They are simply “snake oil salesmen”.


  6. First of all why a bramhin convert in to christain? if so he is called as a christain. Not a christain bramhin. Let him fallow christain religious matters and not to poke with Hindu


  7. In Islam, Jesus (commonly transliterated as Isa) is considered one of God’s important prophets and the Masîḥ (Messiah).[34] To Muslims, Jesus was a bringer of scripture and was born of a virgin, but was neither the son of God nor the victim of crucifixion. According to the Quran, Jesus was not crucified but was physically raised into Heaven by God.[4:157]



  8. bro. if bramins would hav found truth in hinduism. they would have converted to Christianity but there is no spiritual truth in that so they easily convert to Truth…. you can also try Jesus as your personal Savior…. all the best
    i am a bramin convert…..proud to be a Christian


    1. weak minds never gonna seek truth in hindusim ! please don’t ever say bramin convert and proud to be a christian, black sheep _/\_

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    2. Neither you have understood Hinduism or will understand Christianity Shame on you.
      For a moment i buy your argument & accept that Jesus is omnipotent, it’s he as per your faith, who’s made me a Hindu. If truth being so, are you against Jesus & want to convert me ????
      We do not convert anyone, as we believe in destiny & god “FULLY” and accept all his dictum.
      Thank you for making me feel more PROUD of being a HINDU.

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    3. even Christ does not like who abandons his mother. (may be the real mother or the mother religion mother tongue etc.)religion is caste are determined at birth. evn you chose your way of living. you will die as the one how you were born.god is one believed to be in different forms. So believe in supremo – God may it be All Ah or Christ or Ganapathi Skantha. your rolling stone attitude shows you have no faith in GOD.


    4. ha ha Samuel why do you cling to sudarshan Let go. Believe that you were born in sin and enjoy the dogmas.
      We have the freedom to explore in sanata dharma and will continue to do so.

      We do not need to steal others works , symbols etc and lure them with false ideas.Neither will the greed of money lure all of us like many conversions.
      Many Davids Frawely, Stephen Knapp , Martha are finding peace and joy with sanatana dharma and you are welcome to come back too 🙂

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    5. Hi
      In which case you should have dropped Sudarsanam from your name bro

      I am.not sure how much you understood Hinduism

      Truth is all around you and within you

      You just have to seek it

      What you are doing is seeking external validation such as Jesus

      Ping me directly

      I shall try my best to help you to find the truth

      Once converted , you no longer a Brahmin
      Brahmin mean one who understand Brahman.

      I am.sirry you are still.searching for it


  9. 1. Caste system is only for Christian convert can continue in the same caste just because Christianity has no caste.

    2. This is what happens when you convert stupid assholes to other religions. No matter where they go, they remain the same.

    3. No original Christian preaches but keeps the god to himself. The pastors or posers are just converting people to earn money but not to share. Believe me…i know many of them personally.

    4. Catholic Christians will never come to your door to convert. But in some places, the newly converted so called Christians want to make a big show about everything.

    5. All those foreign funds are used only to buy luxury cars and multi storey buildings for these pastors. These fraudsters visit foreign nations with all the photos they take here and cheat many innocent foreigners to help the poor. The foreigners should understand and stop all those funds they collect doing part time jobs.

    7. I grew up in Christian way…I have only one question to all Christians……..if god is coming soon why do you buy all those high valued property…?

    8. To all…please understand the one who try to convert people from other religions is not a true Christian..he is just an half baked useless idiot..


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    1. To say that Christianity has no Caste is not lookint Reality.I shall soon be posting on the Castes in ChristianityAs a Test check verifywith a Syrian Christian ,Kerala whether he would have his childeren married out side his Caste,cloaked as Sect.Many RCs do not intermarry with Protestants.

      Though your views seem to be honest, it is not Reality.

      Is Pope, who allots funds for Religious conversion, not a true Christian?



      1. Prove that the Pope allots funds for religious conversion. You can’t. You can make allegations. You must understand that Pope is the head of Catholics. The ones doing conversions are Protestant sects which are from America.


    2. Well said my Christian friend. A religion is your personal path to attain/understand the one and only GOD Almighty! There is no need for any conversion. Attaining an understanding of God is a Universal quest for all of Mankind and for matter even all Animalkind.


  10. Jesus as such never existed………it is all fabricated stories to the core…..i would be very blunt in saying that most of the people convert only for shit…..We are all born equal we all have brains……how the F@#k……..Jesus christ specially suck the converts dicks alone……….Mother F&*^%#$. converts……………


  11. Had a first hand experience of this sadhu chellappa. He was desperately trying to convert my friends brother
    . We called him Over for a talk and discovered that he takes relevant phrases from the bhagavad Gita and twists them to his convenience. We lambasted him on his Christian views . He defended himself saying that he was not a convert but a supporter of Christianity,. Why does he globe trot to western countries and at whose expense, I wonder. He fools all gullible Hindus by dressing like a hindu sage ,in saffron robes, dhoti and Kurtz and a beard to boot. Watch outbforbthese fakes who are only targeting the Brahmin community looking for gullible bait.


    1. Christianity worships Jesus.If you read the bible you will find that prominence has been given to Jesus and “Father’ has been given importance very rarely.
      Worship of Mary is a later development.
      As to Velakanni, there is no authentic data. I am checking on some data as there is no evidence of Mary here.
      The legend of Velankanni seems to be inspired by Kanya Kumari .I shall post after I verify documents.


  12. See above link.. This seems to have been there for some time now..


  13. The converted christians, call their church mates as brother & sister. but for having intimate friendship they prefer hindu ladies. This I have seen in four or five cases around my friends. In any part of bible this act is justified?



  14. …continued……there is lot of stupidity happens… because people feel like cheating god. Oneday they will know that they are cheating themselves. I dont have any solutions to problems on earth. Jesus has done 3 miracles in my life, I am a brahmin who just also had faith in Jesus Christ. I do a lot of research on interest rate, economics, society etc. After reading everything I only had bigheadache lasted for two months. I tried all medical. I had totally forgotten Jesus (I am a hindu). But suddenly, I just recollected jesus healing. 15 seconds my pain vanished. Jesus is true living god. Since I had witnessed the miracles, please do not join those who insult Jesus.


    1. brahmin my foot !! you guys dont even leave blog posts !! Jesus never told you to lie but still, you sneaks do that to convert people !!


    2. Of corse Anonymous! It is obvious you are a Christian….., Healing , Miracles only due to Jesus….Red flags …Many will not buy this…


  15. I am a brahmim. Shankaracharya has said there is no higher or lower caste. It is based on type of work or business to benefit the society. If someone with pain comes to a brahmin, his pain should be atleast reduced, then only he is a real brahmin. I have always tried to live like this, my prayers benefitted others. People with problems came to my house, atleast we prayed to god. There are situations hopeless. Then my christian neighbor came, with a very simple pr ayer “in the name of Jesus christ…” they were healed, they were very hopeless (it is a miracle), people were healed by Jesus.


    1. You are hopeless !! Pray for yourself. The blogpost is about conversions not which god is greater. Stop preaching and evangelising here.


  16. Why do they need to impersonate Brahmins? Christ has never advocated any of these principles. This obviously means that those indulging in these malicious activities are not Christians.


  17. Iam told that there is a small community of Brahmin Christians in Tiruchi– they only inter-marry amongst themselves.

    Secondly, the entire Kudankulam agitation against Nuclear Plant is Church funded.


  18. As mentioned in the blog Christian organisations are getting millions from Vatican and other countries for conversion of Hindus particularly ‘Dalits’.They have floated thousands of NGOs in the country particularly in South India (specially Tamilnadu) and these NGOs received Rs.31,000 crores during past four years from several countries,according to a reply given by the Govt in Rajya Sabha on March 12,2012.The govt has no clue about the end use of this huge funds.It is suspected in many quarters that a large portion of this funding is being used for carrying out such activities which are prejudicial to the interests of the country.


  19. Sir when I was listening to the Pravachanam of Nochur Venkataraman he infact mentioned the same thing about the Yesu Homam( which he intended as a joke), Yesu Bhagawatham,Sahasranaman and Ashotharam. Gandhi once said-” I respect your Christ. I do not, however, respect you Christians, for you are nothing like your Christ.” It’s really absurd what people do in the name of religion. Narayana Guru (1856-1928) who wrote many Advaitic treaties in Tamil, Sanskrit and Malayalam. He happens to be a person of the Ezhava community, a very low caste. He is in no way a social reformer as Wikipedia puts it but instead he encouraged people from other castes to also read the Shasthras and come up spiritually. To all those people who keep saying ” caste this, caste that” , I hope you learn something from this great man. Nochur Swamigal speaks highly of him.


  20. Good one. Let me add my experience here….

    During my college days, one of my friend’s marriage got fixed. We all were excited to attend that. But all of a sudden even after engagement the marriage was called off. When I asked my friend, what made you taking that tough decision at the last moment… she said, “we are Brahmin Christians and they are non-Brahmin Christians” …. Could not understand what to say…


    1. Christians do have Caste.
      You can find the Dalit Christians being given a separate Church and many upper Caste Christian Priests do not like to be posted to the Church.
      The prayers , ceremonies are conducted only in the local language.
      Syrian Christians who consider themselves as Converted Brahmins,(long time ago) do not enter into marriage alliances with other Christians, even today.


  21. Criminal cases against such persons, whether real or judicial, be filed under section 153-A and 295-A of Indian Penal Code.If needed legal help can be provided at appropriate level.Can contact me at 09897426275.


    1. The gentleman whose blog I have quoted seems to have more first hand information.
      You might visit the site and convey the message as this would be most effective by way of Firsthand report/photos.
      The Abuse of Hinduism in Christian Channels.It must be the same in other Regional Languages as well.Can we do some thing about it?
      Please watch these programmes in your Language channels for a clearer idea.
      Thanks and Regds.


      1. Thank you very much Mr. Gupta for this valuable reference. Perhaps our Hindu mass would not have ever known this IPC clause. We will spread it across the web – across the glob. Thanks again. Thanks Mr. Ram.

        DN Sreenivas


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