Freeing Temples Nonsense? Minister Sadhgurus Stand My Reply

Recently Tamil Nadu finance minister, while referring to the demand for freeing Hindu temples, has made several observations and they need to be answered. True to it’s philosophy ‘ The Hindu, gave a good coverage, with emphasis on the fact that the finance minister and his father PTR Palanivel Rajan are great devotees of Madurai Meenakshi and media states that the family had performed Numerous Kumbabhishekas for temples from Madurai to Tenkasi in Tamilnadu. If this , the elite thinks is a valid argument, then Naatukkottai Nagarathaar are the best qualified to run temples in India. There is no other community that has built more temples, maintain them, performed Kumbhabhishekam than them.Not only in South India, there are many temples managed,maintained by them in North India, including Kasi Visalakshi Temple.Will Tamil Nadu Finance minister publish a list of temples where his family performed Kumbhabhishekam and I shall provide a list of temples managed by Nagarathaar.

Does not the finance minister know that his father PTR Palanivel Rajan was a close confidante of Karunanidhi? .And Palanivel Rajan never allowed Karunanidhi to meddle in the Meenakshi temple affairs till he was alive.

Does the minister know the Annadurai,ex CM of Tamil Nadu and Karunanidhi were the people who ridiculed Hindu Gods?

Sample. During mensuration, where will Madurai Meenakshi be and what will she do? What about Theetu?

On Sri Renganathar , Srirangam. ‘ When will the day come to blow you away with canon?

You are a great devotee of Madurai Meenakshi!

Random people make random noise. These are the people who want to break the goodwill of society,” he told The Hindu in a recent interview. Asked about the demand made by certain persons, including Isha Yoga Centre founder Jaggi Vasudev, he said, “In the case of Jaggi, he is a publicity hound who is trying to find another angle to make more money.” Those making the demand have contended that temples should be run by “bhaktas” (devotees).

Will a godman, who is focused on god, be selling Sivarathiri tickets for ₹5,00,000, ₹50,000 and ₹5,000? Is that a sign of a man of god? Is that the identifying mark of a spiritual man? He is a commercial operator pretending to use god and religion to get help,” Mr. Thiagarajan alleged.’

Good Will of society? Which Society? Your Muslim and Christian Vote Banks

Who are these random people? Hindus are making it.Are they random People? These ‘Random people were/are the fools who elected you and your father?You expect Muslims and Christians should raise the issue as they are ‘People’ anot not ‘ Random people’?

As to Jaggi Vasudev, did he ask you to hand over the running of the temples to him?If he is a commercial operator,what is DMK ? What are DMK’ assets? At the last count, it crossed over 60000 Crores and it still collects money from public and also extorts.

Are you guys not swindling Money in the guise of running a Party?

If you find that Jaggi Vasudev is an offender, encroached land, file cases; I understand enquiries did not yield sufficient grounds for prosecution and that he had refuted every single allegation.Instead of answering his questions, why talk something totally unconnected? If you think it is correct, your party is emininently disqualified to stand in elections even.

Then ,you talk about Mismanagement of temples and funds. Are only Hindu temples are mismanaged? Even here, the major culprits are your party DMK Squatters in temple lands. Why don’t you evict them first?

Are you aware that Wakf board and many Churches are mismanaged? Complaints from the Muslim and Christian communities are pouring in with Vatican being involved in such a case, Marthoma Church in Kerala?Has the government taken over all Churches , Madrassas,Christian organisations and Mosques?

Understand the fact that when there is mismanagement to an institution belonging to a community, the community will correct it.Especially Religious communities.

Secular means belonging to No Religion, non interference.NOT interfering in one Religion,Hindu.

The Minister rejected the suggestion that temples be run by devotees, contending that the temples were built by emperors and kings. “Who do they belong to? You say give it to the bhaktas. Forget whether it is right or wrong. Which bhakta will I give it to?”

Which Muslim runs a Muslim Religious place,which Christian runs the affairs of The Churches, in the same way, such Bhaktas will run the Temples.You say’ give it to’ Are the temples yours to give it?

Mr. Thiagarajan explained the difficulties in constituting a committee to manage the temples and electing members for it.

“Who will create a committee? Who will decide the eligibility criteria for electing a member to the committee that is going to manage [the temples] outside the government? Only from the village where the temple stands or from outside?”

“For example, whether a bhakta, who was born in Madurai and is a great Meenakshi devotee but is living in Chennai, eligible for it?” he asked.

He also pointed out that when a temple was taken out of government control, there was also a need to register it as a separate entity. “That entity will be registered as what? A trust or society because it should exist within some legal framework. Who will regulate it? Who will audit it? How will you elect members of the board? Will the members elected to the committee be permanent till they die? Who is eligible to be taken as board members?” he asked’

The Hindu society will take care of it.How does the government take care of it, even though it has no right morally and constitutionally?Once you leave , you need not bother. Remain in DMK corporate.

Quotes,image of FM from The Hindu

Bold and Italics are mine

3 responses to “Freeing Temples Nonsense? Minister Sadhgurus Stand My Reply”

  1. Very well said Sir. Our biggest weakness is our fragmentation. The more we decide to concentrate on the ‘I’ and mine, this was waiting to happen and now with a mandate, the threat looms larger. 🙏


  2. He really put his foot into his mouth when he gave the interview , and is finding it difficult to get it out – most unfortunate that we are stuck with this regime for a good 5 years – the Hindus of TN are certainly going to rue their fate , if they are not already doing so !


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