Universe in Body Qualities Water Fire Air Earth Space By Siva

The inquisitiveness of Man keeps him going. Accepting things as they are is the Attribute of the Realized Soul that arises from Supreme knowledge. But not all are blessed to Realise Reality.As ordinary mortals we are intrigues by things, events and wonder why Things/Events are what the Are and How.

Answer to both questions are difficult. We can always describe,explain how things are as we perceive them but Not Why they are So. We can not move away from our standpoint of Perception and Observe the Observer and Observed.This is answered by Higher Physics and now by Quantum that when we Perceive, without forsaking our standpoint of Perception as the Observer, we alter the Observed. And the Observed similarly alters our Perception.To put in in common man’s language,when we see a thing ,we Change what we see and what we see( The Thing) changes us, at least in this act of Perception.

So what we Perceive or Observe is not Really what is Out There.It is different.

There are numerous people Perceiving the same Object. But to each one of them it is different.So multitude of Perception Is. If , and there are,more Objects to be Perceived by Many people,there are / will be many Perceptions. Possibly we can not count them. That is Infinity.

But as our logic compels us to think that if there be infinite number of Perceptions,with each Perceiver and the Perceived influencing each other,then there must be something which lies underneath and All Pervading,( both Perceiver, Perceived and the process of Perception).

In which case that is Universal.And it is reflected in the individual.

This is exactly what Sanatan Dharma postulates when it talks about Cosmology and the Five Elements of Nature,Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Ether( Akasa ,which is Space )

Everything in the Universe, both Living and Non living,Conscious or otherwise ,are composed of these Five Elements of Nature.

How are these Five Elements of Nature found and reflected in Human Body.

Siva answers this to Parvati thus in Jana Sankalani Tantra

Uma said, Lord! Speak of the characteristics of the microcosm! Talk of the five elements and the twenty-five qualities. (19)Ishvara said-The five qualities of earth (Prithvi) according to Brahma Jnana are bone, flesh, nails, skin and hair. (20)Knowers of Brahma Jnana say that semen, blood, marrow, urine and faeces are the five gunas of water. (21)The knowers of Brahma Jnana say sleep, hunger, thirst, fatigue and idleness are the five qualities of fire. (22)According to Brahma Jnana, holding, shaking, throwing, expanding and contracting are the five qualities of air. (23)The knowers of Brahma Jnana say desire, anger, delusion, shame and greed are the five qualities of space. (24)Air comes from space, fire comes from air, water comes from fire, and earth comes from water. (25)Earth dissolves into water, water dissolves in fire, fire dissolves in air and air dissolves in space. (26) Janasankalani Tantra
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