Universe in Body Qualities Water Fire Air Earth Space By Siva

There are numerous people Perceiving the same Object. But to each one of them it is different.So multitude of Perception Is. If , and there are,more Objects to be Perceived by Many people,there are / will be many Perceptions. Possibly we can not count them. That is Infinity.

Tantra  Forty One Devis Sixty Texts To Follow List

In Tantra one finds an amalgam of all four yoga.

And there are three processes to Realize self through Sound ,the fundamental principle of the Universe and Abstract Thought.


Yantra,Geometrical patterns to facilitate abstract thinking to still Chitta and

Tantra, an amalgam of all yoga and the above two.

Jana Sankalani Tantra,Secrets of Pranava OM

In tantric meditation, inner bliss can be obtained by arousing energy latent in humankind, and uniting it with Shiva. Tantra uplifts consciousness in order to embrace the cosmic spirit.

Aspects of divinity Shiva and Shakti, play creates the entire universe.

Speech Stages Gayathri Savitri Sarasvati Kesri Vidya

Approaches to God are many.

As many individuals as many Paths.

For the approach to Godhead depends on one's attitude and aptitude, Bhava.

Broadly speaking they have been classified as The Path Of Knowledge(Gyana Yoga),Bhakti Yoga(Path Of Devotion),Karma Yoga( Path Of Action, and Raja Yoga(Through meditation and regulation of sense organs.

Under each are various sub paths.

Again there are different instruments of reaching this goal through these steps.

We have Tantra and Mantra Shastras.

Basing the Sound some systems of worship has been developed in Indian Philosophy/Hinduism.

One such is the Kesari Vidya.

This comes under the Mula vidya of Devi, Lalitha,

In Mula Vidya, The Devi is worshiped thus.

Gāyatri: Vedic Gāyatri, the primary Vidyā that one is initiated into, before the ŚrīVidyā mantras like Bāla or Pancadāsi.

( I shall be posting more on this subject as I am still researching into this, so complex)

Chanting is of three types.