Etheric Auric Bodies Energy Fields Explained

I had written some articles on the esoteric aspects of Indian systems of Thought. Under this comes Tantra Sastra, Energy explanation, Pancha Kosas, that is the five sheaths of Living Beings, Vibration as related to Mantras, Formation of Mantras by combination of Sounds and the presence of Sookshma Sareera,that is Subtle Body.

Following information is based on Hindu texts including Vedas,Tantra Sastra and Buddhism.

Our Soul,Atman is surrounded by five sheaths. They are,

  • Annamaya Kosa, Sheath made up of the essence of Food.
  • Pranamaya Kosa,which consists of Breath,that sustains Life.Prana is present in every part and Cell of our body. It’s absence denotes death.
  • Manomaya Kosa,which is made up of the thoughts in our minds.
  • Vigyanamaya Kosa,that is made up of the Tendencies, Dispositions,Awareness( knowledge)
  • Anandamaya Kosa,that is the State of Bliss,which is an Attribute of Reality,Brahman.The other Attributes are Being(Sat), Knowledge (Chith)
  • These three attributes of Reality are expressed in the Pancha Kosas.
Three levels of Body

Now Mind and Matter differ only in degree ,not in kind. Everything in the Universe vibrates,right from the atom to galaxies.Motion is the Attribute of Universe and also Reality.So also inertia.Both together make the universe work.This is represented by Sakthi ( Kinetic/motion) and Siva( Potential Energy). Motion creates Vibration. Also Vibration creates motion and which precedes, we do not know.

Matter,that is Atoms,vibrate, move.All atoms do not vibrate in the same Frequency just as the components light,VIBGYOR do not have the same Frequency. Higher the frequency, the Light becomes invisible at the higher band, Ultraviolet.Lower the frequency, they become Infra Red. Both are not visible to naked eyes.

We can perceive objects only when our mind is tuned to the frequency with which the Object vibrates or has the same Frequency.This is the reason for some people possessing the ability of Clairvoyance Claiaudience and the like.

Our physical body is composed of five elements,Earth,Water,Fire,. Air and Ether.The basic components of these are called pancha Tanmatras and they are responsible for each of these elements’ Qualities,like the quality of Fire is to offer Light and Burn. These principles which are present in the Universe are also present in individual bodies. When these components, or the Atoms which form a part of thereof, vibrate, energy field is created.

These energy fields are visible. There are , surrounding our Physical forms,Etheric Bodies,Auric Bodies and Aura.

These are the results of Vibrations happening in our bodies which creates Energy fields.

Buddhism postulates three levels.Physical, Etheric and Auric.

There are some schools of thought which talk of seven levels corresponding to seven chakras.# I am yet to study this in detail from original source and hence I shall limit to Three Levels.

Broadly speaking, there are two bodies, as I said at the beginning of the article, Sthula Sareeara,The Gross/ Physical Body,and the Sookshma Sareera,Subtle Body. Subtle body, Sookshma Sareera is called Astral Body. The Astral body vibrates at a higher frequency and ,unlike the Gross/ Physical Body, is not bound by Space and Time. So, the Astral body can travel in Space while physical body is at rest at one place.Thatvis one can travel long distances without moving away from where he,his physical body is.

One can see the Etheric and Auric Bodies and can know about their physical and mental health.

I shall write on how to do Astral travel , how to interpret Hues and energy fields.And how to measure Energy,Etheric fields.

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