Etheric Auric Bodies Energy Fields Explained

Matter,that is Atoms,vibrate, move.All atoms do not vibrate in the same Frequency just as the components light,VIBGYOR do not have the same Frequency. Higher the frequency, the Light becomes invisible at the higher band, Ultraviolet.Lower the frequency, they become Infra Red. Both are not visible to naked  eyes.

Better Health , Spirituality Through Subtle Body, Aura

'The Third Eye' of Lobsang Rampa deals extensively with the Subtle Body. In Indian Philosophy, Mind is also classified as a sense organ just as the other Organs like Eyes,Ears,Nose,Mouth,Skin(sense of touch) The difference between them and the Mind is that while the senses vibrate at a lower frequency when compared to The Mind. (All objects in … Continue reading Better Health , Spirituality Through Subtle Body, Aura