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Better Health , Spirituality Through Subtle Body, Aura

Rampa claimed that his 1964 book, Living with ...
Rampa claimed that his 1964 book, Living with the Lama, was dictated to him by his cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Third Eye‘ of Lobsang Rampa deals extensively with the Subtle Body.

In Indian Philosophy, Mind is also classified as a sense organ just as the other Organs like Eyes,Ears,Nose,Mouth,Skin(sense of touch)

The difference between them and the Mind is that while the senses vibrate at a lower frequency when compared to The Mind.

(All objects in the World vibrate).

Higher the frequency, more subtle the object.

Mind being in the Higher frequency is not visible.

And it perceives better than the sense organs.

Human Body is surrounded by three layers of subtle body.

The first level is the  ‘Etheric Body, which extends up-to one-eighth of an inch from the Physical frame.

Afte rthis, is the ;Auric Body’ which is about half of the size of the Etheric Body.

Beyond this is the “aura’

Many of us would have wondered about the yellow( Round) glow around the pictures/portraits of Divine Personalities.

This indicates the Highest Evolution of Spiritual Enlightenment.

The Etheric Body indicates the Physical.emotional and spiritual state of an individual.

If the Etheric glow is Red it is indicative of Physical ailment‘/emotional turmoil,Blue serenity and so on.

Higher levels are indicated by the Auric Body and The Aura.

One can know on’e development in the emotional and Spiritual level and work towards a better and healthy Life.

For more details one may read the books of Lobsang Rampa,The Third Eye,The Cave of the Ancients, Living with The Lama.

Rampa is a Buddhist Monk and his system is based on Buddhism

Indian philosophy has another system though the essential Principles remain the same.

In essence these systems demonstrate the power of Mind/Conciousness over the Physical body.

More to follow including demonstration technic.

Now a system of Medicine has been evolved on these Lines -‘The Kortum Technique’

“The thought atmosphere is a real, substantial thing and has in it all that makes the body. So many people consider the things they cannot see as unsubstantial; and although they are told, over and over that they cannot conceal themselves, they go right on believing that they can…It is well for us to know the truth that we carry around with us the open book of our lives, out of which all men read whether we realize it or not. Some people are good thought readers, while others are dull; but all can read a little and we cannot conceal ourselves. Also, our thought atmosphere is constantly precipitating its slowly cooling words on our body and there it is seen by all men. We can, with a little practice, feel the thought force of this atmosphere that surrounds us and gradually gain realization of its existence as real as that of the outer world.”

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