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I had been to UK in 2019 with my wife to visit my son who was in Leeds.At the Heathrow Airport, my wife developed a serious health condition and had to to rushed to Hillington Hospital by an Ambulance. She was in the hospital for about a week. Till date nobody knows what went wrong with her.After discharge, she was prescribed Probiotics to ease her condition, though they were not sure whether her illness warranted probiotics,saying that probiotics might be a solution.Now my wife is taking the probiotics daily.

I read a report that Probiotics improve good bacteria in the gut and is vital in improving immunity and some other functions.The newspaper report , I have provided in this article, after my comments.

It is a habit in households of Brahmins in Tamil Nadu( I do not know whether it is prevalent in other communities) to drink Water that had rice ( cooked the earlier day) soaked in it.My father used to drink that water ,adding a spoon of Gingelly oil,called Nalla Ennai in Tamil, Manchi noonae in Telugu,Olle Enne in Kannada.It is called Til Oil in Hindi.This oil is extracted from sesame seeds.All the names in South Indian Languages for the oil extracted from the seasameoil mean Good Oil! Such are the benefits of this oil to health.

Now to this Water preparation. This does not require any special effort or recepie . In our homes cooked rice remain consumed at times in the night. In such cases, you add normal water to this cooked rice, immersing it.Make sure the rice is cool, not warm.Keep the vessel containing rice and water closed by a lid.And keep this overnight, minimum 8 to10 Hours.Next morning, separate rice from water and keep rice aside. Now,you add a teaspoon of Til oil to the water and drink it about a glass.This water is called Saar Theertham, Essence of Rice and Water.This used to be consumed daily in Our homes daily.We eat the rice, which we have kept aside from the water with Pickles preferably,Tender mango,மாவடு. This is called Pazhaya Saatham,Old cooked Rice.It would be delicious and very healthy.On the flip side, if you eat sumptuously, you would feel pleasantly drowsy!This habit of eating remained rice and the water that soaked it as a daily routine ensured zero Stomach issues and developed healthy immune system.My father never had even fever till his last days at 79.There were a lot of people in my native place who lived atleast till ninety five years.We need a fancy title holding westerner to highlight our food! Not surprising, because we need foreigners to highlight our Glorious past!

In one of his recent Instagram posts, wellness coach, 

Luke Coutinho shared one of the easiest recipes to prepare probiotic at home. Before we move forward to the recipe, let’s talk about what exactly are probiotics and how they are beneficial for our bodyProbiotics are the live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. Not one but many studies have shown that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in our digestive system is linked to overall health and diseases.

Probiotics help by promoting a healthy balance of the gut bacteria and have been linked with many other health benefits.Probiotics are good for weight loss, digestive health, immune function and more…Take one to three tablespoons of cooked white rice and put it in a clay/mud pot, add some water and leave this mixture overnight (8-10 hours).

Next day, have this rice and water in the morning on an empty stomach.

How probiotics can help boost our immunity

Probiotics are one of the lesser-known ways of boosting immunity.

We need to have more good bacteria in the gut than bad, this state is called symbiosis. When we have more bad bacteria than good, our health suffers, the state is called dysbiosis.

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