What Is Mantra, Definition Explanation

What we perceive intially,when we come into contact with objects, is a jumble of various inputs conveyed to us by various organs like Eyes,Ears... This reaches the Mind as unconnected stimulii At this level,Mind just collects information , without collating them,categorising them. The next level of Mind,Buddhi collates the information,categorises them,tags them as correct or incorrect from a factual point of view and also passed value judgements like Good or Bad.

God with Form, with and without, and Attributless Levels

Others have to go step by step. The though waves are present because of our attachment to objects of desire. We desire them ;hate them;these produce thought waves, If one focuses on an object of his desire, he becomes immersed in it. Since human nature is to go after things that are to his/her liking, an image has been suggested.

Existence Reality About

For my recent post 'God will Never Die' there has been a good response. There have been a few relevant comments . Some of them need an answer, Instead of replying to the comments individually, as the subject is quite complex, I am posting. Existence Definition. " 1. The fact or state of existing; being. 2. The … Continue reading Existence Reality About

‘Lost’ Mind Space.

In general terms by losing we convey the sense that we have not been able to have what we had,or we do not know where what we had been using was gone. In the case of Objects, we try to recollect,in many cases one visits the places mentally, some even physically(which I do, if it is my Home, to recall what had happened. In most of the cases we do find what we thought we lost. Excepting in cases where others have wantonly taken or hid them . Then we repossess them. Before we think of this, let us see what this ‘Lost’ means in other contexts. Many say or feel they are lost in Thoughts or lost in confusion. in these cases what happens is that people are concentrating on a particular thought or indecision and fear of taking decision to the exclusion of everything else. So in effect their losing in things is illusory but a diversion in something else. So effectively they do not lose anything, or do they? The examples quoted above relate to mental images and they exist/existed only in the Mind. And as such they have as much Reality of being or having been with us before or their continued association with us.

Mind Not A Fluke And Is

I read an interesting article,excerpts I am providing below. Indian Philosophy states that the universe, let alone mind is 'Leela' Lila (Sanskrit: लीला, IAST līlā), or Leela is a concept within Hinduism literally meaning "pastime", "sport" or "play(wiki) According to Religious texts, As different from Philosophical Texts, th universe is God's Leela or pastime ,play. But the word 'leela' conveys more , that can not be expressed in English. It is more than a pastime, though unintended as we can perceive. The Sankhya Philosophy lists the two fundamental principles, Purusha and Prakriti. The world of Names and Forms evolved out of the 'sprasa matra' by their 'touching' each other, here again 'sparsa is more than touching. As the root causes are Principles we can no bet attribute Motives, so in this sense ,Mind is either or neither intended or unintended. The Non Dualism of Advaita states the whole world is not real, has only transitory existence and as such is both real and unreal, depends on one's stand point. So Mind is a Fluke and not a Fluke at the same time. The term inevitability is purely subjective and it depends , again on one's perception.