Do Not Mention Islam Temple Destruction Muslim Rule Not To Attract Criticism

I had written some years back an article ‘What is wrong with Indian history,This ‘. I received a lot of brickbats and I followed the above article with another.History of India is totally distorted. And when one points it out, he is called a Hindu Fundamentalist and a Right winger!If the government tries to correct it, it is saffronising Indian history.I am providing excerpts from Hindu Post( link provided at the close of the Post) which records how West Bengal Government issued directives to write ‘ History’.

Now look at what The Hindu newspaper says on Changes suggested in Indian history!

‘The emphasis is on what is known as the Indic culture, which is their way of saying India is home to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and therefore implying — though not saying so in as many words — that Islam is alien,” Prof. Kingshuk Chatterjee, who teaches history at the University of Calcutta, told The Hindu.

The proposed syllabus, to the surprise and amusement of many teachers, makes no mention of Emperor Akbar and largely depicts Mughals as people resisted by the Rajputs and the Marathas. It uses the term “Indus Saraswati Civilisation”, in place of Indus Valley Civilisation; emphasises on the Vedas; and seeks to educate students on, among other things, “Indian perception of Dharma and Darshan” and “Science and Technology in Ancient India.” The module on the Glory of Indian Literature, they pointed out, makes no mention of the Arthashastra or Charaka Samhita while the module on the History of Communication in India recommends the examples of “Narada, Krishna, Buddha, Shankar, Vivekananda and Gandhi.”.

Exactly the same dodge was used a day or so later by another of these progressives. Manoj Raghuvanshi had invited K. M. Shrimali and me to discuss on Zee Television’s Aap ki Adalat the charge that history was being rewritten in communal colours.

Raghuvanshi read out what Outlook had reported — that the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education had issued instructions in 1989 that “Muslim rule should never attract any criticism. Destruction of temples by Muslim rulers and invaders should not be mentioned.”.

Concerned teachers in West Bengal have been so kind as to send me the circular relating to textbooks for class IX. Dated 28 April, 1989, it is issued by the West Bengal Secondary Board. It is in Bengali, and carries the number “Syl/89/1”.

“All the West Bengal Government recognised secondary school Headmasters are being informed,” it begins, “that in History textbooks recommended by this Board for Class IX the following amendments to the chapter on the medieval period have been decided after due discussions and review by experts.”

“The authors and publishers of Class IX History textbooks,” it continues, “are being requested to incorporate the amendments if books published by them have these aushuddho [impurities, errors] in all subsequent editions, and paste a corrigendum in books which have already been published. A copy of the book with the corrigendum should be deposited with the Syllabus Office (74, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Calcutta — 16).” Signed, “…Chattopadhyaya, Secretary.”….

The accompanying pages contain two columns : aushuddho — impurity, or error — and shuddho. One has just to glance through the changes to see the objective the progressives are trying to achieve through their “objective”, “rational” approach to the writing of history. Here are some of the changes.

Book : Bharat Katha, prepared by the Burdwan Education Society, Teachers Enterprise, published by Sukhomoy Das….

Book : Bharat Katha, prepared by the Burdwan Education Society, Teachers Enterprise, published by Sukhomoy Das….

  • Page 140 : Aushuddho — “In Sindhudesh the Arabs did not describe Hindus as Kafir. They had banned cow-slaughter.”
    Shuddho — “Delete, ‘They had banned cow-slaughter’.”
  • Page 141 : Aushuddho — “Fourthly, using force to destroy Hindu temples was also an expression of aggression. Fifthly, forcibly marrying Hindu women and converting them to Islam before marriage was another way to propagate the fundamentalism of the ulema.”
    Shuddho : though the column reproduces the sentences only from “Fourthly….”, the Board directs that the entire matter from “Secondly…. to ulema” be deleted.Book : Bharatvarsher Itihash, by Dr. Narendranath Bhattacharya, published by Chakravarty and Son… Source..

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