Jewish Tribes From India DNA Points To South India

Two of the oldest Religions of the world are, Judaism and Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism. References to Jewish people and Judaism are found in Ancient Hindu texts. When Dwaraka sank after Lord Krishna’s death,just before it happened, Sage Agastya took seventy two families from Dwaraka to the SouthDravida Desa. Some of them ,he settled in the…… Continue reading Jewish Tribes From India DNA Points To South India

Tamil Sanskrit From Shiva’s Damaru Simultaneously

As to the origin of Sanskrit, it is from Shiva’s Damaru, a musical instrument, adorned by Shiva.

The sound of Damaru created Sanskrit and it was compiled as Maheswara Suktha.

This was revealed to Panini and Agastya

Agastya Dry Battery Procedure Proved California Scientists Video

Please google search term +ramanan50 to get required articles.

I had written on how the first two sentences of the Purusha Sukta produces electricity,input at 110V,output 330 V.

I have written how sage Agastya,in his Agastya Samhita,described the process to produce batteries.