Ramayana Describes Pangaea Super Continent Geology Agrees

not a figment of someone's imagination or Poetic Hyperbole,I have found during the course of my research for the past eight years on Indian texts by checking the information with modern science,like Physics,Chemistry,Geology,Archeology,Astronomy,Carbon Dating and cross referencing the information with the ancient civilizations of the world,their literature ,religious and cultural practices,legends and Etymology. I also cross checked with the ancient texts in Tamil. I am yet to come across information which is untrue. I have written on the Super Continents of Rodina,Pangea and how they validate the

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Menes First Pharoah Son of Sagara Solar Dynasty India.

Menes ,the First Pharoah of Egypt is identified as Asamanja , the son of Emperor of Sagara. Sagara was from Kosala Kingdom of India. One may recall his descendant ,Bhagiratha brought River Ganga to Earth. Lord Rama belonged to Solar Dynasty and Sagara was his ancestor.

Sagara Ramas Ancestor Married Dravidian Princess

Sibi ruled from the north west of India. There was a Sibi puram on the banks of river Chenab in Punjab. Sibi clan is mentioned in Rig Veda and Brahmanas. Panini referred one Sivapuram may be the same Sibipuram’ Sibi is in Nort west of India, currently in Pakistan.

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Ash Island US Vishnu Turned Rama’s Ancestors to Ashes

And Sagara's descendant would achieve this after a strenuous effort. The place where the sons of Sagara was turned into ashes is the Ash Island, US. The places are now the Ash Island and Horse island US.