First Pandya Kulasekara Indra First Capital Korki Before Madurai

First King was Kulasekara Pandya, his son Malayathdwaja Pandya.Malayathwaja Pandya's daughter was Meenakshi and she ruled Madurai and Her Consort was Sokkanatha also called Sundara.Veerapandyan ruled after Sundara/ Meenakshi, to be followed by Ugrapperuvazhuthi.He was followed by Abhisheka Pandya.

How Temple Deities Were Saved From Muslim Armies ,Kal Thirai, Stone Screen

On receiving information that invading armies of Muslim Rulers were proceeding towards a city, our ancestors built a stone wall infront of the Deity in the Sanctum, placed a duplicate Idol in front of the Stone Screen,

Women Pandya Kingdom Madurai Meenakshi? Pliny Greek Historian

Greek Historian Pliny mentions tha Madurai was ruled by Pandya and the Kingdom was A Republic run by Women.

Linga With Meteorite Roof Madurai Meenakshi Temple VR Tour

There are temples in India where the roof,Vimana is made of Meteorite.

To my knowledge, there are three such temples.

Somasundareswara,Madurai Meenakshi Temple,

Hanuman Temple,Lonar,Maharashtra, and

Shiva Temple atcThiriveezhimazhalai,Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu.

Antarctica Land of Daksha Dhanavas?

Sage Agastya is found in Newzealand apart from in Lanka,Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia among other countries.

Fiji has links with Manu and Manu's sculpture is in Fijian Parliament.

Cambodia has a big Hindu Temple,The Angkorvat.

Its design is based on Sri Chakra on its top.

Thailand Kings have named themselves after Lord Rama.

A Brahmin of Kaundinya Gotra from Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu founded the Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand.

Daksha ,Father of Uma ,to iescape the wrath of Shiva hid in Antarctica.

The Tsunami devored cities ancient Tamils speak of Poets'Conclaves held in the now submerged landmass of Lemuria/MU.