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I have been receiving requests that I start a YouTube channel on the lines of what I am writing in RamanisBlog. This suggestion started in 2016. I kept on postponing my decision because I am not technically proficient in running a channel. I just about manage writing this blog for the past ten years.

The suggestion was reinforced in UK during last year by the people who attended my lectures in London, Bradford.And I was asked by my close friends in India and US to start a channel to rebut the secularists and to inform the concepts of Sanatana Dharma in simple modern terms without resorting to Pravachan style

And it has become necessary to inform people of the latest Archeological finds that confirm our History as detailed in our Purana , Ithihasas, Sthala Puranas, References in regional languages of India.

In short people wanted Ramanis blog in an audio visual format.

I have started the YouTube channel on June 3.

In the channel I am also answering questions from Readers

The questions may be sent to

Sample questions from a reader here below.

Question 1- Hinduism or any other religion is not constant – it evolves / changes over the years. There must be a golden period and there must be a degradation.  Please explain how will you divide the history of Hinduism  in different yuga . For e.g when temples culture started? When caste system devised? When feudal system ?

Q2) who were the peoples who came from Central Asia and destroyed Sindhu valley civilization, what they called themselves and what was their language, religion ??

Q3) history is based on archeological , scientific evidence , not mythology – Indian historian  / Sanskrit texts relies on purana , mythology, stories from grand parents or so called scholars. What is your approach ??

Q4) so many wave of foreigners came to India , they settled here , and their God / Goddesses absorbed in to Indian culture – greek, Scythian , parthians, Kushan, huna , Persians, afghanis of Turk descend , English, Portuguese , Tibetans – how it changed the Hinduism ?

Q5) Many foreigners became  Brahmins. How to  identify indian Brahmins ??

Q6) the most ancient Indian religions  as per agam shastra were shaiva, vaishnav, shakt. How totally different thought, belief , deities / God can be combined in one religion? It contradicts the meaning of religion.- a particular belief system !!!

Q7) how university education – bauddha vihara like takshila, Nalanda , vaishali etc vanished from India ? Why Hinduism does not lay stress on university education – how knowledge became monopoly of guru / Brahmins ?

Thanks & Regards,

Akshat Agrawal

I have started answering the above in the three episodes I have published so far.

I am providing the videos in this post.

As usual ,my reluctance to record and upload is followed hete as well.So combined with my nil knowledge of technology,not to speak of my limited knowledge of the subject and my unfamiliarity in facing the camera, might be there for all to see. Kindly send me feed back do that I can improve.

I will be starting my Podcast shortly.

My Ramanis blog shall continue as usual with new redearched content.

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  1. Thanks a lot for starting this You Tube chanel. Thanks again for quoting my name about Vellore display of Athirambakkam finds.

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