Reddit Removes My Indian Chariot History Date’Indians Hilarious’

About two years back I wrote an article that the Chariot was first invented and used in India,quoting references from Purana and Ithihasas, Ramayana , Mahabharata and Tamil classics which are over 20,000 years old.(Please read my post on Poompuhar sets Tamil date back).

I shared it social media including Reddit which is touted as an Elite Sharing platform.I shared some of my articles to see how the Elite react and how secular Historians respond.

I was not disappointed.

Many of my posts are either removed or called as Off Topic.Or it lacks authenticity despite my providing links in the articles which are from from authentic Research and from Archeology.

Unfortunately the Archeology department is from India and the archeologists are Indians!

So I could find the reason for the fate of my articles.

Now I am furnishing the reason for removing my article ‘Indian History Dates To 5000 Years Ago Chariot Evidence’ from Reddit.

The reason for removal of the article is not really ‘Off Topic’ ,but the article does not show a ‘ Screenshot of an Indian person being Hilarious on social media’

I have provided the screenshot of this at the top of the article.

History of India… Hilarious?

Funny point is,for the past two days , I am getting a lot of traffic from Reddit for this REMOVED Article!

Ingenious methods are adopted to push Indian history to a later period than its rightful place.

That the date of Rigveda at 5114 BC and the dating of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and Tamil classics is wrong has been explained in my articles.

Now I find references to Chariot,about which Indian history abounds in the Vedas, Puranas , Ramayana, Mahabharata and Tamil classics,that try to trace the origin of chariots to Mesapotamia.

This attempt is to post date Indian antiquity,conveying by inference,that references to Chariots as fantasy!

Let’s look at facts.

Chariots are mentioned in the Vedas,Puranas.

The worship of Sun is found in the Vedas.

Sun is described to be on a chariot driven by seven horses.

The movement of Sun , traveling by his chariot is taken as the reference point for Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice.

Movement of Sun to Tropic of Cancer is marked as Uttarayana and to Capricorn as Dakshinayana.

There are Sukthas for Dawn.

It also describes chariots.

Ramayana, Mahabharata,Puranas mention chariots being used for royal occasions and for war.

The first world war was the Dasarjanerya yuddha,where chariots were used.

Kings of ancient India from the ancestors of Rama to latest Tamil kings had their military based on the following divisions.

Ratha, chariot,

Gaja, Elephants,

Thuraka,Horses and


Read the clever misinformation that Chariots came to India from Mesapotamia and Hittites.

They are from Indian and Tamil civilization.

Please refer my articles on this….

The misinformation.

‘The first reference to charioteers in the civilized world comes from Syriaaround 1800 BCE. Over the course of the next four centuries, chariots advanced intocivilization, either by direct migration of steppe people or by diffusion, and it quickly came to be the preferred elite weapon. Source.

Indian History Dates To 5000 Years Ago Chariot Evidence

However,there is a comment on my article thus,which supports my article with additional information.

I have also learnt that my articles hurt Anglophones!

Please check Google for meaning of the term.

I leave the judgement to my readers.

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