Reddit Removes My Indian Chariot History Date’Indians Hilarious’

The reason for removal of the article is not really 'Off Topic' ,but the article does not show a ' Screenshot of an Indian person being Hilarious on social media'

Jesus Had Two Dads He Is Fine, Anglican Church!

The height of irony. This on a billboard outside an Anglican church in Niagara Falls Better Read On: Story: A picture of a sign outside an Anglican church in Niagara Falls that sends a message of inclusivity when it comes to homosexuality has gone viral. The billboard outside St. John’s Anglican Church reads: “Jesus had two … Continue reading Jesus Had Two Dads He Is Fine, Anglican Church!

How Redditors Brought Down Internet Company

I still remain a Simpleton and distribute and forget about except for replying comments.

In fact I have been using Facebook, a micro-blogging site, but use it to provide Links to my posts, I do not even post it to Page, though my son insists that Facebook community is stronger and drives visitors in.

But I consider Facebook as basically non serious and frivolous,there are exceptions.

In a curious case Redditors have brought a Meme Company Down by sleuthing.

( I do share in Reddit and promptly forget it, do not even know whether it is voted up or buried.

Curiously I receive traffic from Reddit, to ana extent that in 2102 Reddit drove the maximum traffic to my site.

Now about the present story.

Jesus In Dog Butt

Huffington Post reports of an image appearing in Dog's butt. It avers that it could have been photo-shopped. If people can believe in Miracles when they say Mary/Jesus has appeared in other natural formations or animals or when a weeping Jesus Image is reported, they might as well believe this! God is Nameless, Formless, Name … Continue reading Jesus In Dog Butt