Vedic Knowledge To Be Shared With Everyone AffirmVedas

And Brahmins created(?) the Vedas to control the social groups.

Even among Brahmins there are many who think that the Vedas are not to be shared with the other communities.


Veda comes from the word ‘Vid’ meaning to Know or Knowledge..

It is not the preserve of one community.

That the Vedas were made by Brahmins is equally wrong..

Many of the great Rishis and those who contributed Veda Sukthas were not Brahmins.

Some of them are.

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Sanatana Dharma Means

As the Truth enumerated in Hinduism has been grasped intuitively by many it does not have a founder nor can one ascribe a Time frame.

You do not clock an emotion or a spiritual thought.

Truth is not revealed in stages, it is by a flash.

Dharma is a difficult term to define even for Lord Krishna , as He admits in the Bhagavad Gita.

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Tamil Chola Kings Descendants of Manu Rama

Krishna married a Pandyan Princess,Pandyah, Megasthanes says and had a daughter through her.

Arjuna married a Pandya Princess and had a son Babruvahana, who was the only person who killed Arjuna,that Arjuna was revived is another matter.

In its turn Tamil quotes extensively the Vedas.

A King Sibi was the ancestor of Rama.

There are numerous references that speak of the close relationship of the South Dravida with the Sanatana Dharma.

I have posted extensively on this in posts where it is warranted(Under Hinduism/Tamils)

I have posted an article, based on archeological, geographical evidence that Lord Rama’s ancestor Vaivaswatha Manu migrated from the South to Ayodhya to found his kingdom.

Shiva with his son Ganesha left by the Arabian sea towards the middle east.

Now let us consider the following .

Tamil People settlement dates back to Palaeolithic Age.